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That you contrast journalism fax truth news we have that for you here at kpcc and amazing interviews that you can hear on the frame with incredible creators i mean so much work in southern california supports the entertainment industry and it's a really complex industry as well there also unions there are things that you can learn about this industry by listening to the frame give now support the frame support kpcc eight six six eight eight eight five seven two two and i love hearing those interviews you know going to see a movie and then hearing an interview with the director oh that's how they found that guy i'll that's how they found location oh that's how you know when it's so great to have that insight that just makes you makes you feel better about all the entertain it that we take into nel will all the work that went in and went into creating that and now just listening to that interview an avowed at florida project in near the hidden homeless and people who were lina living in areas he may not know what they're going through and i was so happy to be part of a project that came out earlier this year called broke that was looking at the issue of a families were slipping into homelessness in southern california and you know those those projects take a lot of work out how long did it take via report that story i was working on that with rain a palta she'd had been working on it for months before i came in and we spent about four months working on that together going out into the community talking to families finding the families you now because the hidden homeless it was hard to find people find people who want to talk but a lot of people realized you know the value of getting the stories out in especially that public radio was can it was going to treat at fair in his in give them respect it an incredible.

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