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Again, we see how he doesn't get easier defense. This won't be one fair enough. Right. Then sigma in case, you don't know not only to cover the entire National Football League. If you problem on Twitter he's going to throw you out a fantasy tidbit every once in a while. So I'm gonna ask you to do. So my listeners gimme a guy on tomorrow scattered maybe guy you don't play every single week. You only have them for by week but the matchup screams bad defense. The other teams corners down something along those lines. Not a an easy prediction. Guide apply that you think could be sitting on a big week eleven bands McDonald had ten for one twenty ten for one twelve against Jacksonville in the playoffs last year. He's rate now in top form and AJ boy as back so that won't courage more passing to Manson's Donald mental if you'll also like Alex Collins, whether it's the Mark Jackson Robertson, the third a running threat at quarterback could really open up things against Cincinnati. Who's at least playing to backup linebackers advantage? Perfect might not be right. Even if he does play that's not bad if you're caught on your bye week, and you get your guy. Wait till we find out. We'll find out in the morning is there any chance you would play either a Lamar Jackson or a RG three tomorrow. Lamar Jackson is the one that I would be interested in some of. It's the matchup just fired their defensive coordinator Marvin Jones might he was defensive genius. We thought of him as one at one time but Lamar Jackson is the one. That's interesting. And I think if you're weighing Lamar Jackson the covering Tom Brady's by and you're waiting to Blake Bortles the little Fuyu. While playing in Matthew Stafford without Marvin Jones, if you had to dig that deep then I might play Lamar Jackson because he has that ability to take any run to the house. We have not seen a quarterback that can Michael Vick. And in that fantasy that's almost an unfair head and have not made it official yet. We'll probably find out in the morning. So if you can wait till you might think about Lamar Jackson, but patients would be a virtue, saying, always a pleasure. Appreciate whenever you come on board. Thanks for DNC tonight. But thanks for the opportunity. My pleasure. Sigma bloom. Football guys dot com here with us on CBS sports radio. All right, quickey timeout, come back. I'll go calls the rest of the hour. I got forest and Kenny holding love to add to the mix. Get aboard. Eight five five two one two four two two seven. My number two does not look like a number two. I don't know what to call it. Is there? A number three..

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