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Three, two, one. Oh. My. Goodness. Good morning, good afternoon. Whatever it is for you, I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is Zach Schumer. It's a strong opinion sports episode 400 and ten. Welcome in, I have a story for you. Guess what I did about 14, 15 minutes ago. I recorded 14 minutes of this podcast. And then realized that nothing was recording so fun. So great to be like, yeah, all that stuff I said? Try to do it again. I'll do my best. I got notes here, I'll follow him, but my gosh, it was going so I'm a dang it. I missed out on a really, really great take about just like, man, it's always harder to do it the second time. So anyway, I'm wearing my two with shirt today for obvious reasons. We'll get into that in a moment. I love it. It's really comfortable. And I am working on, you know, I'm not working on it, saying that now makes me realize how much I should make it. I should get a sponsorship for this shirt because I know who makes it you don't know who makes it, I don't think. And I'd love to ideally I wear their shirts every episode for like two months and they pay me for that. That'd be awesome. So I'm gonna try to pursue that sponsorship immediately after recording this episode. And we'll see what comes of that. Also, I got the weird thing off. You probably can't see on my hand. I've got the cut. What if it's terrible? What if it's like gross to people puke or something? I don't know. I got a deep I'm gonna have a deep scar, that's it. And that's pretty good. Let's jump in. I want to start today with a correction. Last episode, I was talking about the 2020 NFL Draft, particularly about the first round and the corners drafted in the first round. I said that falcons corner AJ Terrell.

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