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Centerfield bats eight the starting pitcher he, has, done a great job at a James, young right-hander Derek Rodriguez five and one with a two. Seven two earned run average. He, pitches and at bats night for the giants a message sponsored by Hanson Bridget lawyers, you'll like since nineteen fifty eight are copyrighted broadcast presented by. Thorny of the San. Francisco Giants may not be reproduced retransmitted. In any form the accounts and. Descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the giants here we go. First pitch time Derek Rodriguez from the wind up and he misses with a I Bitch fastball outside for ball one on a cool and overcast. Foggy almost San Francisco night the fog is definitely starting to get thicker over San Francisco Bay is themes. Drives on toward left centerfield Steven, Duggar racing back in this one's going to sail over his head One hop up against the wall Fame's. Will pull up into second with a leadoff double in Stephen Duggar. As good as he has been reading balls off the bat he did not, get a good, read on that one and he's looking up at the flags like maybe you gotta push from the wind he came in a. Step or at least didn't go back initially and I watching, the replay may, not have mattered themes that one hard enough but still Doug you're trying to figure. Out the conditions out there that is a leadoff double four. Milwaukee with Lorenzo Cain coming to the plate, just getting started here in the top of the first inning Derek Rodriguez I was. Just been great for the giants making his ninth start eleventh, appearance overall The. First pitch to Kane is a curb wall on the outside, for a called strike we got. Started right on time seven fifteen first pitch time and, it is a chilly fifty nine degrees game time. Attempt sponsored by UC SF health redefining possible at UCSF health dot. Org slash possible Runner at second dole out so on one to Lorenzo Cain the pitch is hit hard. On the ground I scooped up by Slater moving to his left he'll take it to the bag for the put out on the play themes goes to third and it definitely looked like Lorenzo Cain he's laughing and talking to the first base coach and kind of mimicking his own. Swing, but it definitely felt like he was trying to hit the ball to the right side. And he fives all the way around coming back in the, Milwaukee dugout that moose themes to. Third is there with one out as Christian, yelich comes, up great chance for the brewers to score I And right, now, they look really good hitting three ten thirteen. Home runs slugging average of five hundred The. One zero pitchy grounded to second and that's going, to get a run home with darnold playing back He.

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