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I choose enjoy the debates we had an look forward to many more in the years to come. You're listening to today. I'm joing. Now his school Surrey were what's happening around the world. Joining me in the studio is my colleague sweet showing I I mean Asia China media group has released list of top ten international news stories of Twenty-eight, including China holding the world's first import expo the belt one road initiative five years and the Syrian situation Korean leader Kim, Jon then has sent a letter to South Korean president moon. Jae-in calling for more talks between the leaders in twenty nineteen in Oceania music festival goers across Australia have been worn about a dendritic orange pale after a yeoman died of a suspected drug overdose. Sydney's not mayor has caught a ticket at New Year's Eve events around the city's harbor an outrageous money-making exercise by the state government ought to Africa. At least two people were killed and disturbance between voters and police at a polling station in. In the Democratic Republic of count go the international organization for migration says eighty four did more than sixteen thousand illegal migrants from Libya to their countries of origin in two thousand eighteen turning to the Middle East the UK's. Former ambassador to sui says the return relations between Syria and Europe is a matter of time noting that it is about time for Syria to return to the Arab League. A rescue helicopter has crashed near the world's longest deployed in the UAE killing crew in Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel SIS Germany will keep pushing for global solutions to challenges in twenty nineteen and also has to take greater responsibility in the world. The lower chamber of the talian parliament has approved a twenty nineteen national budget look into London America bills. President-elect jar boss narrow says he will issue a decree to do some goal moss to naval Brazilians to protect themselves from wireless. Several Dora has object. US president Donald Trump's allegation that it is doing nothing to discourage undocumented migrants from heading to the United State finally in North America. US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says President Donald Trump has agreed to slow down. The withdrawal of US forces from Syria, a new train hob in New York City that we accommodate more than one hundred and fifty thousand passengers today the slowly taking shape after years of delays. Thank you sui. That's the headline survey for today. Bengal dash plan. Ministers shake casino has secured her third consecutive term with lent slide victory who ruling party and his allies have won two hundred eighty eight of the three hundred parliamentary seats contested surpassing his previous election vents. The opposition has condemned. The vote as farcical marred by violence intimidation and vote Reagan claims the one just seven seats and have demanded a new vote and least seventeen. People have been killed in clashes between ruling party supporters and the opposition for more on those. I was earlier joined by one director of South Asian and central Asian studies at the Shanghai municipal sooner for international studies, as we know the prime minister, shake sina house been in and out of power for decades. Tell us more about her are you a hard. She was bone in. Eastern Pakistan, twenty eight up timbale nineteen forty seven. She used a daughter of site. You won't you refer, man. I the president up on the dash duty the peak of violence of nineteen seventy election in Pakistan, as as a finance I read she had lived in the field with random Mata saying I want not allowed to good to the school because I have across the canal by would then breezy. I will fare in the river. She was active in student apart the anchors, call dot high..

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