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Down to try and pick up just six yards. Get another first down second and six of the 20 yard line motion across from winds from right to left Montgomery they carry keeping hole up the middle. Montgomery works his way to the 14. That'll be a first down the biggest hole Montgomerie has seen in this first half and get six to move the chains. You are a little early. Now they're moving to change. I'm confident but chain moving predictions here. Even the Bears were a little nervous Coach is going on is 13 inches. Paul. She now they get now they get a first down, Do you Now, try on first down to throw into the end zone, or are you content to try and run the ball again? From down in 10 of the 14 yard by heaven? I'm asking you. I'm not gonna answer that question. But gunnery with the Kerry. I'd give it to Montgomery on first down and Picks up four to the 10 yard line over the left side. So it's second down and six for the Bears. You never used to downplay James Loft in and now you come back with me on you doubted my first down pretty quick, Just seeing what kind of knowledge you have. Please don't like being awake right for a while, right? Rarely get smarter. So now you've gone from that red zone where you're inside the 10 yard line now inside the 20 rather, Now you're 2 10 yard line. Now there's a whole another box of plays on that cheap being at the 10 yard line. All the left hash service. You'll go under center has got Montgomery behind them. Second, and six of the 10 wins in motion from left to right. Strabinsky rolls left, throws it to his tight and commit and commit, pulled down immediately as he catches that he might get a yard to the nine yard line and then a little talking at The words as commit gets into it a little bit with the man who tackled the veteran Malcolm Jenkins and it brings up third down and they flagged down. Black came in. After the conversation between Jenkins and commit Didn't know Words mattered that much on the football field. Now, if you make contact with the official, then maybe it does. Alex bars For what? It's worth a second..

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