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Her connected to entertainment travel lodging food, and all the related matters right now. Roman Italy of always been in difficulties right now. They're near collapse because they've shut out. American Tourism Taurus wouldn't go there if they could and many times, they can't. So Jay ratliff welcome again to the bill Cunningham show and Jay and you're thirty or forty years in the airline industry. Have you ever seen anything like this? I'm not. Going on I. Mean It's unprecedented. Bill I. Mean a lot of times when we have a crisis like the coronavirus crisis the the first question is. Is it as bad as it was? After the attacks of nine eleven well nine eleven, we saw a drop in traffic of twelve to fifteen percent. Well, the Corona Virus I mean we've seen a drop more than ninety ninety three ninety four percent, so it's again something that the airlines right losing tens of millions of dollars. They're doing everything they can to try to restore. Passenger confidence which is the reason that they're really kind of holding people to the wall against this mass policy fact, American Airlines had at one time a medical exemption where you basically be padding medical condition that provided prevent you from wearing a mask, no problem but as of Wednesday this week No. They're no longer going to allow that if If you can't wear a mask. You'RE NOT GONNA. Be Allowed to fly. United Airlines said not only on an airplane. You need to wear the mask, but throughout the entire airport from the time you walk in, and if you fail to do so, they could actually ban you from flying the airline until the mass policy is has been released right and in fact. That is not required by the so-called experts. We've been told for months. That wearing a mask keeps you from spreading it. If you're positive, then keep you from getting it, and I'm also told medical experts that most of the mass that are available are too big too large, not meant for the purpose intended, and there's protocols page after page and what to do, wearing a mask in an in an. In an or setting in which are always violated. There's a way of handling the mass away putting it on way of taking it off what to do in the meantime. How cleanse it and no one is more like a placebo than anything. I! Isn't it a marketing? Thing that when you have large numbers of people, the airlines have got to say look at a safe and fly and so medically. It's not required, but you're now saying many many airports..

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