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Any rick. Yeah mark on planet or write a member. We had the topic about like what's the easiest shot jobs like. what do you do. Especially since they've gone to like you know for sure but like you love watching you know. Cnn series. About the story of late night he actually had stuff to do back. They re Here's a writer. I get it. 'cause he came up with like all those adam mckay around all those guys so you knew how he got into the scene. He didn't show up some rando ga. I never really got what it was it like. I don't know he might be a great guy and like yeah. He may be responsible for writing all the stuff. I'm saying we're just outside looking in right now. Seems he's got a podcast. And i should listen to an episode of his podcast this week because he was interviewing jimmy kimmel okay and they were talking about. You know some late night stuff. Obviously but then also like the kimmel's come up radio and like how he got to an being in the position that he's in now And that was pretty interesting. Richter is acting now he's on a hulu show called love victor. Oh thank you. How dare you and his. Tv show replayed at private eye for like half a season to cancel. Yeah we're talking about andy. Richter now does exactly yes on hulu the name. Jeffrey toobin cuban. I i remember the name. He was the guy he was a legal analyst on. Cnn they booted him off the air. He exposed himself. Zoom call genuine right because he worked at the new yorker and so there was a zoom call with his colleagues from the new yorker. And that's you know when he had thong out but in case you're wondering tubes calls. His behavior quote deeply moronic and indefensible deeply. But he is now back on cnn after all this. He says he didn't think that anyone else could see him. At the time will then by all means take that risk. He apologized to everyone who quote thought. I was a better person than this and said that he is trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again. Did you guys call that. I have no idea who he is. But you guys called it that their people were such a homer for him that yeah be back. Oh yeah there's some people who are able to come back from stuff like that other people who can't and aired you know it is straight. He's one person who i guess is coming back but who cares you know like i. I don't know like i don't care. I don't know if he can live with himself. Yeah by all means. Because i always no matter what you think about this marv albert retiring soon right yes. Oh my god remember all that stuff came back from the bite prostitute or to write something on the back in the binding always bring it up and he came back. Yes i always forever and ever be the guy who you know whipped his dong out on zoom call but the thing is like you know the people can trust again. What do you mean trust. what is trust. have anything do with any of it. That is like. I said. I'm not gonna take my winner out. And then i took my weiner out. He wasn't salad otros chief not taking. He's so he's creepy guy and the office right right here good now. You're the creepy guiding office. It was dealt with. Or he's the guy with bad judgment with bad judgment or whatever it happened one time and yeah and so everybody instable. Everybody moves on. I think we could've gone from it. Well look at hugh grant who got caught service the height of his career and by the way the hugh grant. But who's the first time he was on the on the tonight shot for that Jay leno thinking. And so i guess yesterday on and they asked him the same question. So what were you thinking. Good times my my dog. That was a big moment in that in that cnn series because that was the moment that developed the script and j started beating. Everyone the rest crazy. I never understood. How jay leno beat david letterman letterman. Like he was definitely funnier than jaylen. I don't like that's more mass appeal. Yeah yeah that's what i mean like laid. Grandma was in the jay. Leno played nicer though. His standard is completely different than anything you saw on the tonight. Show bob sagging registered app zagging full house but then his comedy's pretty dirty right same thing but the dong on zoom thing. I didn't think they could see me then by all new. Wait until the damn things over hand like. I don't think you'd see me right now. So i think i'll just risk and take my pants on. I mean why not. You take a look at this. See how is it. Can you trust me now. No great sell yourself short with your wing game. Eight seven seven forty. Four buddy is the phone number. If you wanna call in of friday check in on the text over two two nine eight seven. We'll be right back our ready for me right back in early. Fourth of july celebration. That happened by mistake. Thanks to an rv that was full of fireworks that qualifier fire in east la the other night. Yeah yeah and Somebody stopped to livestream. The whole thing is like one of those like arby's at sea bass was in. You know what i mean. Just parked along the side of the street asi and clearly. Nobody was home at the time. Or yeah and it's not a nice ordeal and this thing due to ucla. fireworks poll. Why it's on fire. Rb has fireworks your party so yeah. When i was driving to work the other day it was like one forty. In the morning i was just past mar on the five and i saw some fireworks just a couple and that was not thought. That's kind of weird for this time right but wasn't this. Rv but I thought that was kind of weird. There's fireworks randy just told me a story. The other day about how he bought some in in korea town studying off perfect the cop chase them down and bank police while ago showed never get those stories about randy gotta dig deep. Get another story about how he had to like. Trapper raccoon possum. I never get the audu..

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