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Yes, we didn't. Unfortunately we didn't We just take. I didn't want to go. She was like I'm so cold. I'm so cold, Todd. It Z one my call. You was not my call. You miss my line dance. Well, and every man has a line dance. You do make sacrifices for your wife. Freddie is on loop one this morning. What's on your mind? Morning? Yeah, afraid of what's going on. Good morning, Freddy. I want to know if you guys can go ahead and get to open the books dot com and find out Where our money at in Austin, Texas has been going way we turn down that dawned on on it. But this looks like this public information is right out there. So maybe we can find out who paid for that Lear jet from Mayor Adler and all this. We're all this other graph is going great question. I think All of those questions should be investigated. Yeah, we We've got the same documents you seem to have been circulating out there. Trying to determine if taxpayers paid for the plane to Cabo San Lucas because it shows a line item for executive travel with the executive airport. Whatever he came back about 90 $9100 was paid for that plane. Yeah, that's those are very Frida. Those are very valid questions and, yeah, we're trying to, you know, confirm some of this to find out. Mayor Adler again, has refused to come on the show. We've invited him and he's in his well committing timeto answer some of these questions because it's gonna get worse. It's going to get worse. Mayor If you don't start answering these questions, let's see the squeeze in Brian. Brian. Good morning on the tide of Don Show Be Ryan. Morning Morning, doing good. Hey, I just wanted to call in on that. If the union president athlete his name. I didn't let me let me catch. Let me catch everybody up today. Brian Bob Next called a guess about an hour ago. He's the president of the Austin Firefighters Association. We have learned that the firefighters association supports Alison Altar and Jimmy Flanagan, the incumbents in District six and district 10 and not Jennifer Bearden and Mackenzie Kelly, who are trying to win those races. The firefighters Association supports the incumbents. Basically Bob Nick's told us that those two incumbents have come around and now support programs that are important to the firefighters union. Right, Right. So I think the big thing now is the big term are now its first responders. So when you talk about police Imagine a healthy a lot of times when police responded, You know, whatever Call it might be a f D and E M s or right. There worked hand in hand from first off. Let me say that I am a police officer. So I completely understand the dynamic between any of the India, Mass. However, by them supporting those two candidates they've effectively sold their soul from money is what it is. Well, here's here's what I got from Bob Nicks, and he may want to phrase it a different way. The reason the association supports the incumbents. Is because they were afraid that they might defund the firefighters. Bob Nix was very clear that these two council members, these incumbents well funnel money into programs. The firefighters like So they're they're going with ease, because they're afraid they may get defunded and I understand that if there was I'm not going to speak for the Austin Police Association, But I would venture to say that if There was a movement to the fund, a FT A PT with definitely or the Austin Police Association, the phrase that would definitely step up and say We're not going to stand for this. Absolutely some of the argument that he was talking about don't make any sense when he's talking about Wildfires and code and you know who do you think deals with some of the wildfires that happened in the park? The LAPD parking it, but that's gone. Right. Bye. Then supporting Flanagan Alter they've effectively Sold your soul if there's no other way to say it, and I don't want to disrespect any Austin firefighter. I appreciate everything they do. They're great people. But at some point you have to make a stand. This is not the stand. I got you, man. I'm very surprised by that was just, you know, Fire department. They need the police department and vice versa. They work hand in hand together and it's very, very confusing. It is 8 42 Todd and don show Listen, I hated the way my water tasted at home, and especially given what we pay for City water is ridiculous. It should taste better certainly should be good for you. And it's not. We've got too much chlorine in our water here in the city of Boston, So I did the smart thing. I had Pentair Water solutions, formerly pelican. They came to my home and did a water tests. I'll do this for you as well. And you'll love the way your water taste from every single faucet in your home is a result of having a pinch here. Water system in your home.

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