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Birdie Tuxedo Linnea Ya. It ain't gonNA. He's taking the cleaners buried to have it pressed the I'm in a big hurry. You're going name. This kills me over. This is for tomorrow the wedding when you very pleased stand in the doorway to telephone invite the Guest Call Minister Tomorrow Columnists. I judge the good thing I'm here to do. These things with the kidneys takes an older head to get things organized. Scam very very busy. What is hand so good lately? Did you say we have a wedding the mom? Yes birdie antibody we know course migraine Bronco. This very highly explained later asked. Hello Reverend Foley s this is Morton be Gillislee very well. Thank you remain fully. Are you busy tomorrow in the afternoon about two o'clock so why do you ask me? You know my niece and her husband. I married them just about a year ago. That's right well. They have lovely idea married again tomorrow on their anniversary to reaffirm their vows. Action Ice Fog. I think lacks repeat the ceremony. Where's IT being held hostage? This mean me Reverend G. You mustn't do all this cycle more. You know what I want to. Just leave everything to me Reverend Bali jealously thank you for offering your services ceremony will be here at my house. Two o'clock tomorrow afternoon guy and you and got wheels turning now. Brockman had played them. Now you don't have to plan. I've taken over all the arrangements. I have broad shelby's yes it's nothing happy to do it after all. I'm your uncle the least I can do on your purse wedding anniversary twins. Waking Up. Never mind off. Let me see list of the guest. I didn't know this gives leave you. What is it you said Ms Margin Mr Bronco going get married? Tamar first anniversary and they're going through the ceremony again just present a mental reasons. Oh well that's a nice thing I ever heard my idea. I making all the arrangements. We go into the chase just like before. You know. It's GonNa be here at the house. There'll be guests in a minister. You wedding minds the whole thing and we need a wedding cake and extra plates in more chairs or you need it to Birdie I'll take care everything could have now. Why good thirty. She'll go all out a lear. I haven't gone yet the way it's supposed to be me. Let alone you into wedding buddy angel. No I'd just take the suit. Mr Gildersleeve rock dog tomorrow. I didn't see I'll get the ice cream. Buddy Mr Gildersleeve China when you come back thirty or forty thirty or forty using the mighty Mary. Mr Gildersleeve margin. I if you want more. Just give me the names. We'll put chairs out on. The lawn opened the Front Window. So they can hear you. You're not imposing on me organizing things my business. This is GonNa be a beautiful whenever you wedding anniversary. Probably even bigger than you. I land yellow leave. I don't know how you do it but you just a way of making people happy..

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