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Ridgeway we the new rack on Ridgeway at three eighty five and a crash on was found shall be dried and milled branch which are fake your face is a box thirteen weather update a box thirteen year old desperate you those temperatures warming up across the mid south this afternoon highs price into the upper sixties with mostly sunny skies no brain I want to run five miles per hour the next several days gonna be tracking unseasonably warm temperatures all low rain chance your full forecasts of five I'm Jim in order for my family to yours merry Christmas back to main gather to Mannheim steamroller's an American an American Christmas presented in part by absent happy holidays from their family to yours Epson dot com slash he could take him the the night when two of those little do you see see see one way up in the sky do you see what I see most and then with the two said the little land to the shepherd ball do you ringing through this do you with the with the this is the said the shepherd do you know this warm let us the whole listen to ray ban listen to good Christmas always conjures up a wide range of emotion and images many of us see it in the light of a Norman Rockwell painting a warm fireplace children's novel all safe in their beds in Americas southwest luminaries by the way these chip Davis of Mannheim steamroller here and if you're just joining us welcome aboard you're listening to our nation wide broadcast and I'm steamrollers from coast to coast is Mannheim steamroller's an American Christmas it was on the first day of eighteen ninety seven that a little girl from New York city's Upper West Side ask your father a very simple easily rescinded or not Dr fillable.

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