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Area right one hundred thousand two hundred thousand years right to reach the surface of the sun yes what's crazies this once it escapes onset one photon escaped services sun it takes eight minutes to reach the earth surface his remember where eighty quite minutes away in jail light travels at the speed of light so it takes eight minutes but the sunlight that's hitting us whom we go outside is are are made up of photons that were created more than one point two million years ago this i can't even comprehend isn't that awesome that is really really cool so we've got all these ancient photons bouncing off his political back to the convicted zone right okay this is this is this area made up of these alternating areas of rising and cooling gas right is nasa once again breaks down a little easier it's boiling convection cells basically right it looks like a pot of boiling water i accept these are gas riesmann now there is only the only nisa okay chuck so we have the three parts of the sun we have the core the radiators zone in the convicted zone right yet now we've reached the atmosphere the sun actually has an atmosphere yes it does is it and that's made up of three parts is well correct the photos fear the kromah's fear and my favorite i think everyone's favourite the corona i like the krona with it can only be seen in an eclipse yeah chronic it's all the press it does to joshua in the photos fear we are as our we we are it is hot that is the lowest region in the atmosphere sun's atmosphere and that that is the region that you can actually see from earth less rican start to see things right in actually the photos fears what gives the sun it's kind of round crisp edged because as as as you travel outward.

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