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Schenectady and a very strange way I think I think he knows how to spell it and was kidding here but I I had the spelling in a way that I can't really relate to you on the air but you can probably figure it out Bob is in Schenectady five zero what I know what you're talking about the reference okay hi listen I have a big problem with the V. roasting everybody talking about him did they do something wrong in my opinion given that every single Reds game but I tell you something right there if you've got everything already game I have no problem with that well yeah I mean I see that's the thing with with betting on your team to win and why it is still wrong because you're picking specific games and maybe you're loading UP the lineup you're figuring out who to rest in certain games what pictures to go to in certain games you're not looking at the managerial job of the law the big picture trying to win a championship by winning the most games you can you're you're trying to win those particular games now Rosa could make a point Hey every game's important so if I lose a game tomorrow because I tried to win a game today you know the perfect example and I have this argument with friends was last year you probably remember the Mets had a six one lead going into the ninth inning against the Washington nationals and they said you know what reviews logo too much we we want to save him for tomorrow in case we need him in a close game so we're gonna take him out of the game and we'll you know we'll put however we have been there to just keep their nationals from scoring six runs and we've won this game essentially we're looking toward tomorrow what happens because logo is out they score seven runs the nationals win that game essentially knocked the mats out the Mets did need logo the next day and did you use him and did win so they what their manager Joe was at a big mistake by not using logo in the ninth I had a friend of mine say well do you have he was going to pitch the next day anyway thirty pitched an inning well guess what he did pitch the next day and they did win so the second guessing about well I'll preserve our our players because tomorrow we may need them you may not need them tomorrow and if you didn't need that many did museum today you lost without your best players on the field so the whole P. rose argument can go round and round and round but the bottom line is there was a rule against gambling and he broke Chris in Ronkonkoma you're on the famed Chris are you doing Hey Chris we wish for that a day that you should lose their not a problem I have with people saying that the Yankees didn't score and stuff like that during those couple games but what happens if the Yankees had the site also it was even playing field that would have declared probably don't know we don't know what what what if you know tell you all that your available in any product label you're dominating your you got your he's not right back Michael you might he might still be you see you don't you don't know that because you don't know that the Yankees knowing a fast balls coming available it that's the other part of it you know we assume that I'd major league players can take a fast ball and hit it anytime they want anywhere they want out of the ballpark if they want well if it was that simple then only swinging fastball student you know spent on breaking pitches just say okay I don't care strike called I don't care this eventually is going to throw me a fastball and I can hit it anytime I want no it is an advantage to know yeah absolutely I mean a change up is the big thing because if you think of fast you've got to be ready for a fast ball balls come in ninety eight miles an hour you can't say well I'll just wait and see what it does and then I'll swing you gotta you gotta be prepared to swing right away but if it's a breaking pitch or a change up you can lay back a little bit you can wait and see Hey this is going to stay in the strikes owners are going to dart out of the strike zone is a coming in coming out it's an advantage there's no question but that still doesn't mean that you're going to hit the ball in in fair territory and get on base you know on on the other side of it if it's three two and you know a change up is coming and it looks like it's going to be a strike but you know that pitch is going to break out of the strike zone you don't swing at a ball for take your base so it's an advantage but how much is is unquantifiable under our current situation we can't say whether it won ten more games five more games two more games we don't know whether it affected the World Series is it a plus sure but would have made a difference nobody can say for sure Anthony in Bridgewater you're on the fan Anthony Richard thanks Greg my call what a change change the flow because I thought well that's real quick sure by now speaking about you know I I think we throw hot guy really challenging job this year with with a couple of the guys I mean for first year manager managing I said it is I think can be difficult with with with with the with the contractors that but it's with the injuries with that that is what I think would step up its expectations for the year you know he's gonna want to play I I I you know a lot of you know I I heard and Coleman and I I've heard out and been talking about maybe he can call his not coming off the bench if if he's if he's healthy he's a left fielder I don't care what anyone says he's not going to be a good bat off the bench in the try to play a hundred thirty hundred forty games if you can't like he's not even if you're not to get any kind of building for him a running for him you know you're gonna hoping he can hit thirty home runs and drive in ninety RBI or yeah I I don't would you agree with that I I don't think he's doing anything other than get it just try to be a Barbara and as they left field well yeah but do you think that Louise Rowe Haas is not going to be able to say Hey you're gonna sit today stay game after a night game here you have a entry history we don't want to push you too hard we're gonna sit you today do you think that he won't do that but he's never been here but here's the thing Richard he's never been able to no managers ever been able to convince the before that if you remember the past years despite Terry Collins he's never been able to do that you always walk the plane and I get a mailing address is different this time Sandra you're talking about day after night game that deadline at about every once in awhile but you know I get the sense with the Mets the Mets depth and outfielders that they want to rotate guys a lot this year I don't think that's gonna be how much anything to do with that I think he thinks he's the left fielder and you think he's playing every every night yeah I would agree with that if he's healthy sure and and I think every ball full pretty much every ball player in the face of the earth feels that way the question is does the manager have the stones and the backing of the general manager which is important to say you're sitting today I want to play I'm I feel good I feel healthy yeah well you're going to set I need to get this guy N. maybe a come in later A. B. Penn shared but you're not starting today's game and will says but it's like it maybe not but so what you know look I'm the manager I tell I make out the line of C. N. N. row house already R. R. he probably doesn't have watch S. N. Y. from down there in port Saint Lucie maybe he does maybe he doesn't but I'm sitting there and and we have his line up for today right who is putting on the field and and their second guessing him already for the first preseason lineup he's got memo leading off and McNeil hitting second in these kids I understand why what is she doing he should McNeil lead off you should do this you should do that and they're changing his lineup and and say well you know he what's he doing this like it's the first preseason game he's getting a look at people well last year nibbles on base percentage was lower than McNeil's yeah did you remember that name always hurt most of last year and was terrible for the first part of the year till we came back from the neck injury and that name all may be a better leadoff hitter that you want your best hitter hitting second and that might be Jeff McNeil mmhm really zero a new manager your first preseason game this send me that's your opening day lineup does that mean that your line up for a hundred and twenty games this year no you're trying to see what guys are doing and where with their approaches where they fit him and based on last year these kids are making these definitive boy get off my lawn I sound like great the making these definitive pronouncements of who should bat here who should bat there you know everybody's got kennel penciled in at at five four or six based on what the Robbie Cano you saw kinda late in the year when he started to hit some did you know that that's the Robbie Cano you're gonna get you know all all these things like they know better than Louise row houses down there in port Saint Lucie interacting with the players every day so that's what you got if you're a manager and that's why I guess you make the big box of I don't know that realizes making huge box but that's what you get you're the manager that you're already **** up C. N. eight eastern Pennsylvania you're on the fantasy good morning Richard Hey how's what's up a couple of days out first of all Dharmesh man three years burned and everybody thinks they know more about your is it user job when you look outside he does first thing and then the second thing is this whole baseball playing baseball was taken up long what does hold the majority Mister baseball promotional baseball guy I'm I'm the guy to like check it out Baghdad you're a sliding into second base and all base and the many you start changing the game I started going to start taking these days where you tried to sign Robert J. you know what they were trying to you know your second best in a home buyer when he was able to call the bank bag plays when there were close on my good side managed by another baseball and baseball you should do something to try to bring it back and then this goes for allegations although you know the scandal which is this this is retarded I'm the I hope it gets resolved we get moving with this because I wanted your baseball you know and when the weather breaks you like it is today I'm more eager church you know watch my match try to do what they do every year yeah hi yes well see here's the thing.

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