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Tell not a day is not to be wasted that from his father forty one and we appreciate your help so can you explain that one more time because I was trying to take notes systems well Daniel so tell us I feel on Google he's got a blog thirteen eighty seven the main highlights in it she says blur out the other lines and figure out all the codes high school gold or target for marketing I need you to be lined up out of town get the message secondary school students in a forced marriage with them after you and he says forced marriage you can although all here together there's very little chance to build a shelter and interact with each other in front of him and once she got her high school the poor a college diploma trend leave town says needs to be lined up out of town that's what we're gonna know Hosein and they force you into marriage and it's all because if you Google prosecutor Valdez arresting Jersey woodland park officer Steven free to read two thousand twelve in her blog talk about a ride to coconuts music store that I was just assaulted sexually I prepared a show of calls which is on a motion hearing with a judge Guzman who's in that site you can hear us import I was in his chambers and recorded him he says he lost the report with a girl sexually assaulted and he says he's going to throw me in jail in order to save them there's nothing on the tapes of him and I in chambers and the Chicago backdrop and Daniel site he says there's a lot from the tape he will flee to Brazil for false arrest me an order a slight exam any other she that runs the hospital that's a doctor's repair Trenton site for the holding me and corruption corruption too Daniel say you drive the last twenty minutes of the time line prices we took a bride I can only hold you in jail for six months but have a way to hold the three hundred years Trenton psych and in the caption that says king transcript I recorded her she says I don't want to go to jail with government is a racing all the all you in court and I can only type down from the transcript whatever he's only thing everything you can hear us of course and when Daniel says postman warns changed and altered mental model original they were blocking the message from W. back in two thousand five so I told Daniel to a third party try and emailed to Jeff he's down in Florida and they just keep feeling the mail so once again as Daniel still S. I. T. T. L. on Google merge and with our captors and says understand what I'm saying about I have to look young girls like myself are slot after enough evidence.

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