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Was also shot Phoenix police chief Jeri Williams speaking about their bravery for those two young officers as a credit card because going up that's still way too just follow and just really shows me I mean we talk a lot about finding that the blue when you and I don't know if this is appropriate but to me that was the epitome of that after surgery last night both officers are now recovering with serious injuries but are expected to be okay alley that Nur KTAR news virus in Arizona there are now eleven hundred fifty seven corona virus cases in Arizona with twenty deaths governor Doug Ducey says schools will remain closed through the end of the year the Arizona interscholastic association also says all school sports are canceled for the year some errors on the mayors are turning up the heat on governor Ducey KKR's depredations joins us live with the latest well Bob Phoenix mayor cake I echo says millions of Arizonans are at risk from the cold at nineteen pandemic and governor Ducey needs to take action now governor Doug Ducey we need you to lead we need you to order a stay at home Arizona order so that we can save lives and slow the spread of covert nineteen the mayors of Tucson flagstaff Collison L. Maraj fountain hills Guadalupe superior and Winslow joined guy echo in signing the letter reporting live Deborah Dale KTAR news now governor Ducey is set to give a press conference on the corona virus in about an hour KTA are will bring that to you live will also monitor the White House coronavirus task force briefing that scheduled to start at that same time and we'll bring.

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