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It has just been a massive team effort. When I said team, I don't just mean obviously within our organizations and in as a district and travel as a nation, it's just been intense at times, but rewarding as well. Yeah, yeah, can imagine, yeah. It really interesting talk about those partnerships that really, really imperative. And we talk about stakeholder groups certainly with the corporate preparedness work that we do prepared next prepared acts. And those relationships are critical and I'm working together on a regular basis ensures that you can come together in the time of the crisis, if you will. And make it easier on everyone, so that's a great lesson for everyone. Thanks for sharing that. For our listeners, can you explain a little bit what happened in Wakefield as it relates to the fire? I think it was a couple of January's back two years ago, was it? It was, it was in 2020 and you know what, it was out of the given of the end. We had a large fire, then we had two storms, and then with a global pandemic, our new space is very long, so the fire now, yeah, it kind of pales into comparison to the others. But the fire we got a phone call, so in Wakefield council, we have a duty emergency manager, which is the person who was the first part of Carl. And there were not 5 by west Yorkshire fire and rescue that there was a fire, could they go down to sight, the lady called Michelle, she went down to side and it was they had to evacuate over 300 properties because of the fire and it was large by the geography of the fires, a place called speedy bake. Which is right in the center of Wakefield's right next to all the main roads. Next to a large residential area as well. So if you imagine the planter's milk coming up from a bay three thick black smoke, we didn't actually know what was in the smoke at the time, which was one of the hazards. So what we did is we found an incidence rate. So we came together and we set up a command structure cell strategic operational and tactical command structure and we came together and we did a coordinator response from in Wakefield one. So we had within wafer one, which is main council building. We had representatives from areas within the council that would respond as well as people literally at sight as well. So once again, it's a very much a partnership working working very closely with west Yorkshire fire and rescue with west Yorkshire police and the ambulance service and we have regular meetings on the hour every hour for a situation update and it was declared a major incident at first, but then stood down. But we had, for the council, it was the first time that we had to establish what color reception center. So a place that's safe for residents that have been evacuated from the properties, even though we've talked about them theoretically. We've never actually opened one in terms of an emergency. So that was it was really good to do all that and to put our plans into practice and thankfully they did work. So people that were displaced from their homes went to, it was a spark center that we allocated as a reception center. They were there from 4 o'clock in the afternoon till about 11. We provided them with third, so everyone got a pizza from our and then we contacted the doctor because simply had to leave the house quite fast so there were some people that needed urgent medication..

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