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Have you run into Mr Elliott at any time? Oh, my God. And I had to let him know. Did you really immediately? Is that like, Did you just blurt it out? Like Hi, Sam Elliott Majidi King. I've had a question you forever. Something like that. Really? Who do you think it's the hottest person on NPR? Wow. Carry growth there, right. No games ain't now. Uh, What did what did Sam Elliott say? When you told him that you had had a crush on him or have you know what I think? He blushed? Really think he did? You can see that behind the moustache that he did. Well, Regina King. It is an absolute pleasure to talk to you. We've invited you here to play a game that we're calling. I'm not a watchman. I'm a watchman. So you're starting and watchman. So we thought we'd ask you about watchmen, specifically the people who collect luxury watches. So we read a wonderful piece by Gary Steingarten in The New Yorker about his obsession with watches, and we're going to ask you three questions about this particular obsession. Get two right, you'll win our prize. You ready to play? Okay. Alright, Chucky, Who is Regina King playing for Benjamin Bruning of Davis, California. Alright, Here we go. First question, Which are these is a real term for something that collectors look for in a desirable watch. Is it a emotional complications? Be nimble phalanges or see thick, beefy lugs. Oh,.

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