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Behind the arts Xavier's for six Butler, one for five more significant for for bother Joe because three point shooting a bigger part of their office than it is for Xavier even though Butler is staying in the two threes on this kind of leading Xavier. Proved that they can knock down some shos savior has not shown that they can do that. Yes. Xavier Stewart two points in transition to the fast break offense. That's one way to beat that. Also, if you could get a rebound and get it out score before they set it up, but you have to imagine. But we will stay with that for quite a while some fine subway to beat up on a little bit loose from long range shooting or get inside of it. And they wanted a better defensive teams in the conference. Holding opponents of sixty six points Taylor. Fires up a three point shot. No, good rebound taking by Fowler inside shot partially blocked. I believe by Zach knocked out of bounds. It'll stay with the Butler BULLDOGS was good defense by Zach Joe because Nate Fowler kinda push back underneath the basket and got a rare offensive rebound. And even though Zach was out of the play. He was able to reach out and alter Fowler's follow up when made him miss an easy shot around the basket Fowler started fourteen sixteen games as your did not start against great. But he had his season. High eleven points against Creighton at thirteen minutes a drive into the paint Bank off the glass. Good goodbye. Jorgensen cast the ball on the right side of the four drove right into the lane three point lead for Butler fifteen to twelve ten twenty four to play. Zone with a high post hankins back outdoor Elias harden centers it up right side of the forty Kennedy thought about a three didn't take it. Hard into the low post through the hands as tankage that was not a good pass the five hole right there right between his legs. But bounce though was too close to him for that was a great catch. But not a good pass to get usual problems there. Now, we got to turnover back the other way for the Butler BULLDOGS liberals illegal screen by Nate Fowler on Elias heart. Fifteen to twelve but with a three point lead ten oh four to play in the first half Kyle cash when Chechen for lies heart. Jay Bruce, looking for a way to loosen up that Jones xactly right bridewealth each might be the answer for that. He's on the right side of the floors aver sets up their offense against what looks like a one to two. The high post a hankins into the corner to wellish catches drives kicks it back outside the scrunch worker behind a screen takes it to the left. Elbow back out the wellish, she's covered up immediately by side of the four to Marshall dribbles into the paint. Jumpstart out to wellish three's on the way from the left point out. Rebound tipped out to the free throw line which control by Brock. That was down. Byron. There was halfway down job and popped out. The key bronc with it. Right side of the floor is it up the Tucker. Tucker showed a willingness to shoot in his ball game. Coming off the bench. Tops of global through the free throw line back to the left side of the floor. The David Lhamo posted rock, and it's reflected out about nice defensive side. By Jack hankins off Joey Brooks, the ball will go to the musketeers y'all know what happened near just couldn't secure the easy easy pass into the post. Joe reach for did move his feet and go get it. Yeah. Those are the kind of place of your guard. Joe you're go again. I got you. I got you. Big fella. You're telling me you don't want. It. Get it off the rim buddy next month sometime. That's right. Each grudge penetrates will the free throw line those up afloat or bouncing around the room nobler drunk with the rebound for the Butler BULLDOGS. Bring it across the timeline right side of the floor. Jorgensen dribbles inside the arc backout. Rotated mcwhorter. David penetration. Inside of the paint kicks your back outside the tops of right side of the four Jorgensen. Fires up at three point shot. No, good rebound. Taken by dodgy Marshall for the musketeers Marshall averages just under eight rebounds a ball game for the musketeer the better rebounders in the league, he penetrates to the rack off the glass, good balls batted around awful leg. It'll be awful. But we're BULLDOGS I was a four shot by by Marshall Joe. The credit Zach hankins reaching over it's keeping ball alive slapped it off a Butler players as only get the ball out underneath their own basket. But Marshall's gotta take better shots in that was a force twenty eight to play first half. But were fifteen the musketeers twelve Marshall catches top of the key castle. Bright side of the four rotator left side of the four Welsh into the corner along the sideline in front of the bench grudge with a takes it up to the wing now to Cashman straightaway. Back to Scruggs loves the three splits to defenders loses the ball. We got a whistle and a foul that'll be the fifteen Fallon Butler BULLDOGS Xavier's been called for two possession or right now in favor of the Butler BULLDOGS. Eight fifteen to go in the first half point lead for the BULLDOGS. Xavier's trying to attack the wings against that two three zone and trying to attack the scene. Just exactly what you do against his own off the dribble David really need someone to make an outside shot because. Xavier butlers defenses is kinda constricting around the paint as we continue to play this game because they are not honoring Xavier's outside shot. Marshall fires up a three in the right corner. In and out Bill the Muskateers oh for eight from the field. Jack hankins does a great job of what was apparently a for. Sure. Rebound for Butler, just harassing the rebounder digest enough. They mishandled it. They Bob it until they follow it right out of bounds. 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