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Bridge toll california customer service number highway miles to the gallon. Ford focus highland cave rescue operation s fest wine bars in san carlos california best western hotels out oldest rinaldi. What happened with the engagement for wedding. Should i said what he needed to be the first series. I'm avenue to check on other email clients. Identify fonts from where apply where the world ride style. Welcome to the voices of search podcast. I'm your host benjamin shapiro today. We're gonna talk a little. Seo strategy joining us is jeff coil. Who's the co founder and chief strategy officer at market news. Which is an ai platform that transforms how you research plan and create your content market muse platform uses a i to accelerate content planning creation and optimization by identifying content quality issues on your site and building blueprints that show how to write to cover a topic comprehensively so far this week jeff and i have talked about. Seo content strategy and also yesterday we continue the conversation talking about the difference between keywords and topics and today we're going to continue the conversation talking about how to bring humans and search pots together to improve your seo rankings. This podcast is brought to you by search metrics. You know last year was rough in. Seo ended life for a lot of people and now that we're more than halfway through twenty twenty one. Most of us are just starting to shake the rust off from twenty twenty. So if you or your seo. Performance need a boost search. Metrics has a new offer for you. If you sign up a search metrics now you can get twenty percent off not just a search metric sweet but the whole range of search metrics is supported services until you your performance by twenty one percent as an industry leading seo software solutions partner. 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Coil co founder and chief strategy officer at market muse. Jeff welcome back to the voices of search podcast. Thanks benjamin is just excited to continue our conversation and yesterday we left off talking about the difference between keywords and topics and in a part of the challenge is you know you got a ton of keywords words that you're optimizing for individual strings your long tail those build into topics but you have to understand the user intent at the same time all that gets together in a big fund soup of your seo rankings and hopefully gets you some domain authority and helps you get to the head terms that you're trying to get to. It ends up being really complicated today. You have to understand intent. You have to understand topics you have to understand. Keywords drew evaluating those across multiple pages potentially even multiple different sites. It's overwhelming for a human to actually think about how to do this at large scale. And that's where you and market news comes in you know you. You bring the the machines that the robots sky net you know whatever it artificial intelligence which is probably taking over the world. But we're enjoying at least for now. talk to me about how you know. Humans and the search pots are living together in harmony now about the basics of the way that a lot of folks learn as you go right is the way that he will initially learn. Things like competitive cohort. Analysis is kinda naturally. Go look at the search results. Go right something. That's better than what you see right. And so that was something that we want to tackle with technology. We realized that that wasn't good. Enough cava meaningful impact on most businesses. We knew we had to do was analyzed the concepts and really understand it so we had to analyze not just ten ages because there are so many problems can come up if that can cover that but we want to analyze this word. This concept that you're up we might need to read hundreds of thousands of pages we might need to look at natural language databases that we own or manage to understand what it means to be an expert on this topic and then we wanna overlay that with what ranking. That's where we have kind of changed marketers ability to understand what it would actually need to be an expert on topic with technology is. We're taking this huge. Collect the romans building the golden model this act. We call the topic expert or the topic universe so underneath this topic. There's thousands hundreds of thousands of concepts consider. We can tell you which ones are most relevant which ones are most likely to be included in a speech by the most amazing expert because we analyze this content. We can tell the difference between a bad. Seo we can tell. The difference between seo who is learning from google ad words keyword planner when they were the article. We can tell the difference between its jets fun or it's actually run run by expert and that's real different than just looking at the top three pages and saying do better and so. That's the first way we look to tackle the most frequent challenge for seo's and why seo's were so misunderstood. Seo's really misunderstood.

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