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Live in Athens on an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon homecoming here. At UGA, we talked a lot with Tim Tebow about what happens next for the university of Alabama. And that's exactly what we are going to try to figure out Katie George. Joining us on the call for the Alabama Mississippi, Katie, I don't I know it's never all that challenging to come up with a great storyline for big SEC games or any other kind of games on Saturday, but this one seems like it may be easier than the normal. Good afternoon and how's everything going? Things are good, Paul good to be with you. I've got more concrete information than the last time I drew. For embrace young and Will Rogers will both be the starters for Alabama Mississippi state, but to your point, the storylines are pretty easy for this one. It's a bounce back game for Alabama, from everything that I've heard and the players that I've talked to from Bryce young, you know, to others, they feel good about where they're at the work that they put in in terms of responding. Certainly the feeling in the locker room on Saturday was bleak. You know, I had people tell me they lost their appetite. Jordan battle said, he lost sleep for a couple days, but you had to turn the page and refocus. And Nick Saban's message to them on Wednesday night after practice was look, one lost does not define you. Remember how you felt, allow that to motivate you moving forward into the season? And let's go finish what we started here. Our goals are still very attainable. Now, they got to come out and write the wrong against Mississippi Saturday night. Yeah. And Katie, we both were trying to figure out, I think it was a couple of weeks ago. I think I can't remember, was it was a coach? Oh, that was not telling us. For the auburn gave yeah. It worked out for them, didn't it? It did holding it close to the vest as long as they did. Well, Katie, Katie, let me ask you about my colleague because naturally everything has been obsessive about Alabama this week, but he is a coach that has done extraordinarily well in big moments. He beats the number one team in the country at Texas tech he had great success in spots at Washington state. What are you learning from him this week? Well, I think that they're excited for the challenge. They feel like they were a couple plays away from possibly being 5 O, but they can't think about that now. Obviously, they're really excited for Bama to come to town and I thought it was interesting from the different players and Mike leach, you know, the conversations we had was just because we beat Texas a and M and then Texas a and M went and the Bama, you know, that has no bearing on what's going to happen Saturday night. That's a trap mindset to get into. They just hope that hate is air raid offense, where's on the front 7 on the defensive side, as well as the secondary Alabama as good as they are in as good as their players are. They're not used to seeing this many passes over and over and over again. And will Rodgers has had a really good season. I don't know if he gets necessarily the credit that he deserves or is big a name right now because he's a sophomore, but he's done some great things. He's improved a great amount. You know, he started 6 games last season, that really got his feet wet, and then he carried over getting to have a spring season and a summer season with his teammates in the coaching staff. Unlike a season ago with COVID-19, you know, he put in a great work and you know, they feel confident going into this game, but obviously they're respectful of their opponent. And they know that fam is going to come to town. Obviously, looking for revenge after what happened in College Station. Hey, let me ask you about a part of this game that we haven't really talked much about or at all. And that's the defensive side of mister B state. A lot of the analysts really are high on them. We saw what they did a week and a half ago in almost two weeks ago in Kyle feel. What are you hearing from that side of the ball? They're really excited to showcase their talents. You know, so often when you face Alabama, the conversation stands that way, right? Because they're usually one of the top, if not, the number one team in the country. Well, these are guys who feel like they can hang with the offense. That is still trying to find their identity, right? I think we can all agree that Alabama is still trying to figure out exactly who they are on the offensive side. You know, Emmanuel Forbes, Martin Emerson, these are two safety cornerbacks and secondary members that are best friends and they're really good and talented at what they do. They think they can cover every single wide receiver that Alabama is going to trot out there. So I think that these guys, obviously, feel good about where they're at as a team. But there's that competitive edge of, hey, I want to go between those lines and I want to show that I'm just as good as these guys. I might not have been recruited to that place, but I feel good about my talents and I can measure up against anyone. Katie George be part of the call tomorrow night in store for Katie, always great to have you on. Thank you so much for the time. Me too. Thanks, have a great day. You bet Katie George and starkville. And let's get to some college here before we continue with the guest fest. How about JD up next? Hello, JD. Hey, Paul. How are you doing? We're doing well. Thanks so much for the call. Hey, I know a lot of benefits and they are saying how albums done and they're not going to make the play off and all that. But Paul, do they really need to panic?.

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