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And they certainly did a bad job of talking about it or covering it up. If you'd like to say that secretary of state Pompeii all says, the US is revoking the visas of Twenty-one Saudis suspected of being involved in kashogi murderer correspondent, Ian panel with more. There is no attempt to point to and say, we believe it was ordered by this person. Mike Pompeo does not point fingers any higher nineties a crucial thing for everyone to look out for in other words, people may not like the Saudi explanation for Woody going to do a massive. We just punish the individuals have already been identified. Then there is no real pressure on the Saudi Royal family to come up with a more plausible explanation. Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman will take part in a panel at the Riyadh investment conference today in what will be his first public speech. Since kashogi killing. There's no word on whether he will address the killing President Trump today signs a Bill aimed at fighting the opioid overdose epidemic. And there are some indications that progress is being made in that fight US health secretary, Alex as our speaking at a healthcare events sponsored by the Milken institute think tank says the number of US drug overdose deaths has begun to level off the CDC has released figures this show that from December to March of this year the pace of the increase of drug overdose deaths has slowed from ten percent over the previous twelve months to three percent as our cautioned that it's too soon to declare victory saying we are so far from the end of the epidemic. But we are perhaps at the end of the beginning more than seventy thousand people died of drug overdoses last year. Opioids were involved in forty eight thousand of those deaths. Jennifer king Washington, the president will be in Wisconsin tonight campaigning for Republican Senate candidate Lee of oak, Khmer, former President Obama will be in Wisconsin Friday campaigning for the Democrats, President Trump and his favorite media spa. Barring partner. Jim Acosta CNN got into it yesterday over the president calling himself a nationalist at a rally on Monday night. They ask the president. If he was trying to signal that he is a white nationalist. Now, I never heard that theory about.

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