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Thanks for listening to the adam corolla show on podcast one critics and audiences can't keep quiet about the number one movie in the nation 'cause a quiet place terrifying gets a work of genius that demands to be seen in a crowded theatre a quiet place to pt thirteen now playing adam corolla not taco bell material the reason the show is called not taco bell material is because i tempted to get a job at the taco bell in north hollywood that was by my house and they said thanks put note backs we're looking for a slightly higher caliber rita may seventeenth at cleveland's agora theatre and may team in detroit at the royal oak now i'm out on my own and moved onto the fast pace a lucrative world of carpet cleaning where a high school diploma while only slow you down people pat him corolla not talk oh bell material get your tickets now with adam corolla dot com in the spirit of murrow jennings cronkite here's another great moment in local news with police dogs getting most of the loved one law enforcement apartment of michigan is trying out cats the troy police chief promised his department got ten thousand followers on twitter by april they will adopt a cat that was done in just a week three cats told pass background checks because one might be a cat burglar so they have to background checks right now once officers picked their pet next comes its name and that's where the new twitter followers will come in later on with a naming contest i have three cats so i'm all for it that's a great moment in mogul news now back to the adam corolla show china's welders back on the show.

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