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Wow what a privilege to be here and what a great country we live in is i mean it has been just a really cool thing driving around and getting to meet people all over the country and learning what makes them tick. And it's i'll tell you what it's the same everywhere you go and it doesn't. It doesn't matter doesn't change. I don't care as a mom. My twenty four point of state now. I don't have to sit down and look but everywhere i go. It's the same. It's people just want to live their life and take care of their family and pretty much be left alone and you know i go state to state here in the mask rules. Change state to state and It's amazing the states that have the mask mandates on. Everybody hates them and they're tearing them off in and out of the buildings and they're you know the ones that don't i just see people seem happier. They're able to live their lives and they're able to go about their business. And you know this morning. I had to make a hotel decision and the decision was do i stay in midtown manhattan where i wanted to stay or do i stay somewhere else. And so i got on the the interwebs. And i'm looking. And i i see the midtown manhattan. Hotels are all much less expensive than expected. It'd be. I thought they'd all be more. No and so i started to Book a reservation at one of them and this form pops up the says. If you stay here you're gonna have to fill out a form for andrew cuomo and you're gonna have to give them a bunch information. What are you doing in new york. How long you gonna be here and you know. What's the purpose of your trip. Or did you come from where you go into. And they all of the stuff to book hotel room. And this is what. I've been talking about when i talk about the corporate takeuchi right and the the the idea that they wanna kill small business because the independent hotelier if there are any left could say no to this but the hilton corporation and the sheraton corporation and all these others. They're not going to say no to the governor's mandate and so the corporate taco crecy ends up being the enforcement arm for whatever the government wants to do so we back. I want to give you the set the table for today. We've got some troops in afghanistan. i visited jamestown. We're going to look at how the governor northam has screwed that up because it's a state of virginia park and there's a lot more on the virus and some more on the border stuff all of that coming up in just about one minute when we get back from short break and see that. This is republican. You're listening to republic keeper and now republic keeper with brian. Kelly for.

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