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Is one of those things I wouldn't wish on anybody. But I wouldn't trade the experience for anything or any anyone in the world. You know when Trevor was frequently bullied while he was growing up, especially in high school. What did that bowling look like well when he was in high school, we found that he was being bullied by some of the students, and so we call the vice principal and said, hey, you got to put a stop to this. And so she called back the next day and said, I interviewed the alleged perpetrators, and they denied it. And so, you know, we're not gonna do anything. We don't wanna miscarriage of Justice. Now, we have been told get a lawyer, you know, soup people what have you? But no, we didn't want to do that. So we just prayed in the next day. I asked to have a meeting with her. And so we went in and brought Trevor with me and Melissa wisely. The night before had him write down what was said and done to him. And so we came in. And there was the principal three vice principals for teachers and a police officer and kind of a scary situation. And so had Trevor read this read what you wrote down Trevor. And he said I'm scared. My said, I'm with you don't worry about it. So and I told the p. People in that meeting. This is not a deposition is not going to be any cross examination of Trevor. He's just going to read what happened, and then we'll let you decide where the miscarriage of Justice my life. And so he read haltingly, call me tarted. Call me to bid coming worthless push me down, and you could have heard a pin drop in the room. And so I got up and said, okay. That's it. You guys decide what you wanted to side. So we walked out, and it was a pretty big deal at school and large crowd of students out front and all the cheerleaders made a banner form, we love you Trevor you're the bomb, and and so that was good. And then later on. It's all Trevor that was pretty cool the cheerleaders made you aband- or and he said, yeah, I married them. I go. He's canal, which which one all the no, no all them. And we're pretty if the exact right girl, it'd be brought into your life. And and so we're grateful. That's how it turned out when he was a senior every student in the school appearance. Got an Email saying if you want your son or daughter to be on the homecoming court to to fill out of five part document and returned by such and such a time, and I had hopes and dreams Trevor and I knew he had made some friends, but this wasn't for him. So I deleted the document. And and then Melissa got a call the next day from one of his special Ed teachers saying did you fill out the occasion, Melissa said. Well, not really there's nothing. This is not for Trevor. And he said, well, can I feel it out? And she said sure go ahead. So I got to pick up Trevor on Tuesday after school when he comes walking out. He's got a rose in his hand. And he says I am homecoming core daddy, and I said, not you're thinking misinterpreted. What happened? He goes. No. I am homecoming court. He pulls out a piece of paper it to and says, congratulations. Trevor Hendershot is on the homecoming court north at high school, I thought wow. Okay. How can this be tried to explain to Trevor don't get to upset if you don't pick because he gets upset when things goes way? I don't know where he gets that. If things goes way, he's not happy. But so on Friday at noon at the pep rally, thousands of kids there and the teachers and everybody, and then they got to the end of the pep rally, all the cheered and the band plane, and what have you, and then they got to the announce the hookah me king the homecoming king for two thousand nine north high highschools Trevor, and they didn't even get to the last name and the whole place tearful standing ovation as a wonderful thing. And then. That night. We were for the homecoming dance. I was we got a tattoo tech Cedo. Trevor I was but in his cdo, and he says, I just the bride. Son. You're not getting buried your homecoming king. There's no kissing ceremony. Believe just keep your. Please. Then after the game. One of the vice principals came up to me and said, you know, whatever came to the school has a freshman. We knew he was being bullied for not only because this ability. But also here's a habit of loudly singing Christian songs before during an after school in while we were able to with your input. We were able to stop the bullying our efforts to keep Trevor from singing during the school day to no avail, but you know, this whole school. The last four years has realized Chevy's faith is part of who he is. In addition to the singing of Christian songs, it also comes with a high five fist-bump and a hug for the truly fortunate to have been able to cross his path in the day at school. So why we thought it would be a token? Vice token gesture to put him on the homecoming court little did we know that the vote wasn't even going to be close. He got more votes than the other four candidates. Bind. And we heard we might have a ride on our hands.

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