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And clouds low 70s and clear inland skies from out there right the now WGN it's 59 Weather degrees Center. at O 'Hare I'm meteorologist 60 degrees Alyssa at Midway Donovan and I'm we have James a mix here's WGN news next news when it happens next scheduled news at 1230 and I'm Raleigh James when Stephanie well and Madison more and on Fran's 4832 insurance dilemma more stories from on James Caesar yeah from most Sherry of and them Naperville dealing and with the IRS today all that and more coming up this hour on WGN radio Lindsey Ford is closing out the summer strong 2 dealer .9 for your details percent financing SUV you headquarters hurry in has know Explorer that big expedition bargain detergent and jug escape is 80 now % up to water $5 ,000 right 80 off % with water 2 I the rest is thought pure I was concentrated getting a better deal cleaning because it's ingredients so big if pass you want a me better the claim intercom type thing odds are only 12 % water the if you want a real deal try Tide Pods don't pay for water pay for clean if it's to be get clean it's gotta ready be Tide DC Pods paranormal water content based on investigator the leading bargain liquid author detergent podcaster save on Tide Pods and at star of kindred spirits and ghost hunters Amy Bruni is coming to the miracle theater on September 13 don't master miss out it's .com on the tales game day of Amy's at Raising most chilling Caves spookiest if encounters you want to order get like a champ your tickets it's now at action off the make field you need it to a focus perfect on season the we've only play got you're tailgates running is of chicken hand so -battered cooked what to combo order chicken are fingers you picking and cane sauce and jugs of freshly made tea and lemonade all available to order online or on our app this season is about weekend to finally be unbeatable is here let's Raising see what's Caves on the chicken old honey fingers do list one what love multiple pages I wonder if I can get this stuff delivered to instacart okay I need to get paid for the deck soccer cleats for the little ones and the fridge is get looking a little same bare -day so delivery I'll cart from some your favorite eggs and stores milk from huh sporting goods to now home improvement I have to more groceries time visit to bike instacart ride with .com the kids to get free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time ten dollar minimum per order additional summer's terms apply here I'm for that I got my rubber sand got my straw hat got my cold summer's beer I'm here just glad that suits me fine it yeah may and rain I'm today glad that cuz is here I don't mind it's my favorite time of the Oh man in winter time it goes so slow if it's ten degrees Oh, Mommy you know, freezes blood you take your I'm rice and snow just glad and let my outro music and jump on ya again. ain't all God's children Oh, got man. It goes so slow ten degrees below you know you can take your rice And and snow therefore you should and play some summer let my songs Mommy indeed and I've been meaning to do that freezes but I picked that I know one Johnny first because D is there a are very very big very James few records Taylor by James fan

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