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Listen. We're not all happy with with a lot of the policies that are being put in place been stood by want right but I think people need to give the governor the same respect that we're begging people to give the president. He's doing the best that he can in the situation. We've got and the policies that he put in place. He's put in place because he believes that those are the policies are going to help to say the Colorado get through this quickly and the you know we have to. We have to do our best to respect him for that. And that that's all of us. We have to work together to get through this. We agree with everything or not well and unfortunately there are still folks. That aren't paying any attention to it because they can't see it. Yeah Yeah and that's and that's you know I'm not an you know I'll be the first to admit that I'm not so I'm not the most happiest with a lot of the policies like I'm really concerned about A lot of liberties that have been taken away that I don't believe needed been taken away concerned about the economy. Which I you know. I don't know if the cure is is is worth the exactly right that being said either. There's no doubt in pie mind from the very beginning. Even know I was calling in overblown. My reason for being overblown has nothing to do with the fact that I don't believe it's here and I don't believe it serious and I don't believe we should take. It has everything to do with the way that it is presented in the way that it is out there and the fear factor that I I see people and I'm sure you do as well who literally are so afraid to walk out their front door that they have hunkered down and is that I had to talk my stepson and his girlfriend like off the ledge because all of a sudden they became aware that this was going on and they're like we need to hoard every down. Yes I have talked to. So many people off the ledge is it's crazy so yeah so anyway. Just independent vigilant and do all the right things which means a not a throwing a corona virus party agreed and that and that's just that we all we all should you know we wouldn't be where we're at right now. If everybody would have just taken the heat and and done a social semen needed to be done we would still be doing and quite frankly we could be much worse place with the good news is we do live in the United States and I have to laugh at. You know the calls now to shut down the borders of the State of Colorado and let people come in you guys. The governor doesn't have authority for that and Kudos to the man. For saying that you know he has said three or four times. I don't have the authority to shutdown interstate commerce site. That is not what we'll have and the governor in this country that have done that are out of line and there will be consequences for those actions. Exactly exactly what it is it anyway. Meanwhile back to one hundred when one hundred twenty days isn't US Sherry. Break this down for us because this is a head scratcher and it also has some pretty. I believe dire political implications as well. Well it really does and one hundred twenty days is not one hundred and twenty days. When you've got three hundred and fifty bill on the docket that you want to hurry up and get for that get through the system because you know one of those bills is a is a public policy for healthcare. One of those bills is a family leave bill. You know. There's building there to make a separate enterprise fund so that we can increase teacher's salary at the state cost There's a lot of money on the table that the Democrats really wants to get to and so one hundred and twenty days becomes not one hundred twenty days when they are literally scared that they're not going to get to those bills before the twenty twenty election So it is it's a rabbit hole. That shouldn't go down though because the problem with it is. It's like everything else that we've been talking about once. You put something in the precedent. It's hard to take it back. And we we've seen in the past that and a really good example of that is the safety clause of the state legislature. Has Their. They eat. There is a clause in the Statute in the rules that allows the state legislature to put the safety clause on a bill when they believe that that bill is for the health and public safety of their constituents and it keeps the constituents from having a referendum to to repeal that bill. Well that was supposed to be in situations. That were dire. And you really didn't think that you are. You really felt that was a safety and and for your constituents we've seen though a sliding scale of the definition of dire exactly because that's safety Clark is now you on about eighty five percent of the bills that are out there you know. So that's the same thing here and refined. The Republican caucuses are concerned. That if you all of a sudden start rewriting the constitution and a redefining. What calendar days are consecutive? Days are which is very clear in the constitution that is a hundred and twenty consecutive days. It's not one hundred twenty days throughout the course of the year at will willy. Nilly when you feel like you're going to do it with nothing in the constitution that says or when the corona virus strikes state of Colorado. There's nothing that allows that but if you start rewriting that and start allowing that to happen. At what point next do they go overweight? We need to shut down for four days because it's memorial weekend and we need to shut down for two days because it's Martin Luther King Junior weekend and I mean at. What point does it start to get abused? Jock like the fifties sensually. It's a camel's nose under the proverbial tent flap. It is it absolutely is and it'll be interesting to see how this plays out because the carnage cream court is going to take it up and you know. I find it really interesting two stories on this. Actually there's another story that is in there about one of the brief that was filed with filed on behalf of a group that is nothing but lobbyists and special interest and all of the lobbyists and special interests are our groups that support these very high price costly bill. Of course they download them. WanNa get through get through. That's what they do so anyway speaking court here. I'm sure you'll stay on it. Speaking of go and do I know you love that kind of interesting. I did this story yesterday because I am a golfer. Well I call myself a Gaba. More Hacker and slasher. I play Army Golf. I play the whole course. Get my money's worth but did a story on Pelican lakes remaining open Throughout the Cova de Nineteen Crisis. And well there's about golf courses that are going to stay. Open right it yeah. The city of Greeley decided last night to keep their public golf courses open through the pandemic and I am going to be the first one to say. Yay and I'm not a golfer. This has nothing to do with personal. Need to go. You know hit around a golf this has to do with. This is fully within the scope of the shutdown of the fate Colorado but governor has said over and over and over again that people can get out and do things in inside their own communities he would prefer they stay in their own communities through So long as they continue to practice with social distancing because we can't sit in our houses for three weeks and do nothing to lose that literally will cause more problems than anything else because people will get depressed. They will get mad arguments. Yeah so go. By nature practices social distancing. I I don't know.

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