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Maybe you're spending state legislature should read this. It sounds like there's potential for the golden goose not to be as large as they seem to think it is. Right. And it was zero had you said zero head dot com. But specifically on shale stocks. All right. We'll check it out. An expert who relies a lot on on the shale play later this week, but Kelsey warrant, so we we can see what he thinks about this article is I think about the third or fourth one that's been on zero edge a last three or four months. Interesting. The only thing that all of how. Let's called a lesson. Bright light on the outlook for the shale business. And by the way, you know, Ed Schaefer was there when the when the shale play started and also member of the continental resources aboard the look a little ahead of the curve. Do you think hell doesn't worry about? Or I think the point I was going to make the herald is fail stocks shale production manufacturing, agriculture, whatever, I think, our government's we spend less money. You know? So we tend to look at this oil is going to go on forever. You know, the economy's going to go on forever this and that and we tend to spend with ever money. We have nobody is shaping designing our government to what we need. And this just like how much do we have let's spend it. I think that's a bad way to to create public policy. When I was office eight years, we actually lowered the cost of government for the first time while we increase spending in education health and safety for the people. We can do that today. But we don't we just say spend the money so herald, your message isn't necessarily shale is they spend spend our money wisely efficiently. Here today isn't gonna be here. Forever. This is a four mandatory from yesterday. And I I don't often agree with the Formato. But this is a this is a world on one specific to how the legislature should look at legacy funds and and funded the North Carolina ledgers flummoxed about what to do with the legacy fund, the state's piggyback of oil revenues the fun which voters approved in two thousand ten has an impressive balance five point six billion, but lawmakers utterly lack vision for the fund a powerful strategic asset to improve the state's economic future. It's a shiny rifle hanging over the fireplace. Mantel that the legislature loves to look at but doesn't wanna touch inexcusably. The state still lacks a roadmap for the legacy fund nine years after its creation, so far the legislatures most significant use of this vital asset came at twenty seventeen when they siphon two hundred million in earnings to balance the budget, hardly strategic investment. The best idea we've seen to tap. The legacy earnings as governor Doug Burgum proposal to fifty million to match one hundred million and private donations to establish the Theodore Roosevelt, presidential library. Museum at the entrance and Madora of the national park named in his honor. That project was among three hundred million dollars slated projects of statewide importance the governor recommended but the legislature doesn't appear interested thus far legislators supported the Roosevelt center is to provide an dominant including ten million that already was set aside for the library museum as well as authorisation for thirty five million dollar loan from the Bank of North Dakota alone. Really that's the best players can do for the project that promises to elevate. The state's visibility on the national and even global stage and alert visitors Senator rich wardner Republican from North Dakota, the Senate majority leader and the author of the funding compromises suggested legacy fund could be used to repay the loan. I don't care how you cut. This Warner says this is a legacy project. It's a legacy project. Our point exactly after almost a death a decade and with absolutely nothing to show for the legacy fund, steady accumulation of billions of dollars. Legislators have to worry how long taxpayers will be content with a big fat piggy Bank balance and no tangible. Benefits. Honestly. What are they waiting for? Nobody's been advocating spending the funds principal. We're talking about investing a portion of the earnings in North Dakota. Agreed a better future for the state's not even done. This thing went on and on and on and I agree wholeheartedly. I wanna talk about your thoughts. About how the legacy fund earnings are spending. Whether or not some of your vision on research could be used for that. When we come back with that shape. Or don't go away. The key to us. Strong home is a solid foundation and that starts from.

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