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Daniel Jones Mitch Stravinsky Kyler Murray Carson Wentz Jared Goff dak Prescott leave those of the quarterbacks that I'm giving you is the twenty six and under starters in the NFL Carson Wentz would be my pick and I know he was not very good today against the patriots he has been absolutely let down by his receiving corps and frankly just injuries on the offense around but Nelson AG lore has had drops all season Alshon Jeffery has been hurt Zach urge was hurt for a while Jordan Howard hurt missed the game today miles Sanders has been good but not great Carson Wentz finally healthy and playing and now being let down by the guys around him I think when she is the closest thing to the prototype of the quarterback that you want in the NFC he's big and strong but he's also mobile and can be accurate we have that thirteen game stretch before he got hurt when Nick Foles ended up winning the Superbowl thirty three touchdowns seven interceptions I think Nick Foles she's driving Carson Wentz is the guy I'd pick if you said pick up twenty six under an S. C. quarterback to be the guy for your team I'd pick Carson Wentz first then Kyler Murray second now Russell Wilson's obviously the best quarterback in the NFC Aaron Rodgers is the best score okay the second best of the best in Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers right there but they're not twenty six and under the young QB's I know it's not for risky I know it's not Haskins I know it's not golf I think a lot of cowboys fans would make it back argument I would not be among them I we saw a couple weeks ago when Tyron Smith in while Collins were hurt the Jack press got all of a sudden looked very very average he's got the best offense of line the best running back in Pro Bowl wide receivers and even if you're gonna say well no I think that sake wanna McCaffrey your Dalvin cook a better than Zeke point is to get a tier one running back a tier one offense of wine and very good wide receivers I think there's a lot of quarterbacks you could have the success the dak Prescott has had and is having in that system no credit to him he's doing it and they'll pay him because it's a W. no overs W. don't situation but I'd be very careful and I use the rams as the count does Jared Goff make the guys around him better or was he able to have that forty seven hundred yard season that he had because he had a very good innovative offense of coach and good players around them I think it was the latter not the former so I'd go year to year with Jack and make him prove that he's truly special those guys are winning because of them and not because of the guys around them but the NFC does not have the young quarterback crop that the AFC has not even close eight five five two one two four two two seven is the telephone number take an NFL calls as week eleven wraps up here let's see here in Boise Matt is on CBS sports radio what's up Matt Hey Danny I just want to get your quick opinion I'm I'm I'm a Packers fan but I wanted to see your opinion on is that is that a bad book for the Vikings that they had to come back by twenty earlier today twenty three seven after the third quarter or is that a good look for the Vikings that they were able to do that just your opinion on that that I would end this and this but then go go boys you save about okay man I appreciate a good job for it by you getting your shot out and listen I think the Vikings are most likely a wild card team I still think the Packers are better than the vote then the Vikings are I can't wait for that though Monday Night Football game week sixteen between the two teams obviously the Vikings would only be in a game back can get it the NFL doesn't have a great team this year I am convinced of that the patriots are the closest they deserve that but we saw with the falcons beating the saints last week we saw with the Packers against the Chargers a couple weeks ago the Niners have played two very tight games against the Arizona Cardinals but there are not dominant teams in the NFL this year so the Vikings to me our team that can look like the best team in the NFL and they can get shut out and a half and be down twenty to nothing to the Broncos they are if there's a few teams that are great and there are few teams that are awful and there's a huge middle class in the NFL which is how I think it is every year the Vikings I would say are upper middle class I'm only making when a Superbowl but I do think they're very good and I think that the city the interesting thing about what that happen to them is cousins was so bad early and it has been so good on this six seven game stretch that I know people that work in Minnesota media who went from thinking Kirk cousins was going to be they were gonna swallow the twenty eight million dollars that they owed him next year things twenty million Bucks some three or eighty four million dollar deal after weeks for they were ready to move on from Kirk cousins for next year and take the cap hit and now just seven weeks later they're ready to sign to a contract extension that's how quick things can change in the NFL and that's for a proven commodity in his thirties who's already been paid so imagine you're a fan of the giants in your riding the emotions of Daniel Daniel Jones or the rams with Jared Goff Jared Goff flirts with an MVP season wins an NFC championship game gets a hundred and ten million now we stinks happens like that that's how quick it comes and goes in the NFL unless you're truly transcendent Sean Watson has an awful game today he no showed terrible game bad pocket awareness held on to the ball ravens defenses rounding into form as they get healthy Marcus Peters is back in a system where he looks really good Jimmy Smith is back their quarterback do always good ravens defenses rounding into form leading the ravens are clearly a tier one team that went over the patriots on today against the Texans proved it will mark Jackson's number one I am V. P. list but the Sean Watson is enough body of work he has a singer like that no one doubts him but these guys who have the quick ascension than the quick decline and you don't they kind of got that doctor Jekyll Mr Hyde like you don't know who they're going to be any given day that's a problem for me with the Vikings they beat up on some bad teams but then they can look really damn moral as well so I don't either a Superbowl contender but I think the make the playoffs as a wild card team in the NFC double digit wins and they are a rock solid football team more your reaction there and whether or not I'm willing to say Baltimore is the best team in the NFL that's coming up but first Peter Schwartz of an update.

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