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This is Dr Debbie the whole crew is sitting here waiting for your call is one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. This portion of edible radio is underwritten in part by Schmidt's naturals, smell seriously, amazing support animal conservation with Smith special edition lily of the valley, natural deodorant. It was created in collaboration with the Jane Goodall institute in five percent of each purchase supports angels in the wild. You could learn more at its dot com. And thank you Schmitz for underwriting animal radio. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Radio. Begging you do to your animals begging over play dead. If you want the anywhere. You wanna go? That's my dog. Annie, she's healthy now. But recently, she broke her leg and I had to rush her to the bat. Thankfully, she's protected by embrace pet insurance. They covered her surgery and reimburse the clean quickly embrace offers one simple plan for unexpected accidents and illnesses that you can personalize to fit your budget to learn more. Visit embrace pet insurance dot com to get a free quote policies. Underwritten by licensed insurer of American modern insurance group coverage subject to policy, terms and conditions. Visit embrace bed insurance dot com. For coverage details this animal radio news update..

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