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This is the middle east these podcast molly livingstone here in jerusalem looking more like london cloudy and dreary which brings me to alex giles on the other side of the pond how're you doing over that no cloudy now you have lob lawn lawyers cloudy grand cloudy attacl pauk's went forward over the weekend i think you mean back fall back spring marking europe's drew they went back which means it against dr bauer two in the afternoon though this being the uk in a bloody allowed no one really notices but two two fa meals from complained about for a couple of weeks while just keep on having the complaints you know i'm jewish and i've got my own set of things to criticize him be angry allowance and one of them live the range would always free in about being angered overrun guard well i'm always angry really at the un and unesco this week they had a meeting where the united arab emirates gave out gifts to every single country they're except can you guess alex kenya is it you again is it me yep that's right israel didn't even get an empty box there was just nothing there we didn't get a medal oh yeah you're that you're against georgia early sydney's article of the events are the result my my my defence group which would be a little bit even added in this situation is the medals that were given out there were given out by unesco on behalf of the uae donald with work on the building's those celebrate.

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