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Asking me go ahead agit johnson. I'll go. I'll go labor just to be different. Thanks i next up. Santos are we back. Not you got a minute. You gotta mynycb recipes rog yogurt like me. I will lead to say ovechkin winning mvp. I don't care. I don't know seems bad. He's in the seventeenth season. He's getting older he has to win. Mvp sometime say he's in his seventy th season or he's seen seventeen which are wrong. I love lovie but he's not winning every seventeen year. Seventeen night you got thirty seconds. That's act listen. You've been married for sports for a while. I wanted to say that and a hobby biased marketing. Any of you guys. Wow that's jack you're my inspiration and now faces right. Is there between jack and havi buys that we have to address all the shit. That act are my hero and hobby buys. We just gotta keep promoted. Bob alright heels and keep that hidden eight and you'll be second jorda what's up. I got one thing. 'cause you're a ravens snare. I am okay. I hate to break this as much as a lamar fan as am. I don't think he's gonna get a super bowl. Ring dan right but jerry eagles fan so you don't get talking so anyways jack marzena winning super boring because you just can't throw like i want him to be able to throw just every cruise. This roddy lead the league in passing touchdowns jordan. I mean that's great but look like what did he do in the playoffs. That year. i gotta see season in the one thing i agree with you is the sixers will win a championship but they. They need simmons to do that. Simmons going to beat this. They're better than the nets. Got the medicine in biases guarding wherever. I agree with that wherever you get. Whatever you're taking. Please send me the dealer. What's your instagram on instagram. Eight abe grandpa. i love the sixers take jordan. That's hager takes but love that warriors. I'm wilson was ben simmons on the warriors i eight and you're up you got a minute. I'm a huge bingles fan in washington. This preseason with joseph. I aside down. Is there a chance that we see darius hodge who has been completely breakout guy in a defensive rookie of your position here. How the final about daria time. He was the number one. He was the number one graded defensive end as a rookie and to know. Take it take it. That's providence us for your money. He's he's in your division. You i know like three bengals. Evan mcpherson i knew aside and your boy. Your marci can't catch a football. What's jamal right now. This guy borough comeback player of the year. Yes or no you got fifteen seconds. Give us give. Vader dak gets hurt again which i think you will. That's higher. Love love the gotta make sure someone else's heart appreciate that ravens asleep. The bangles as is a yearly dot. Chance appreciate you homie. I remember the last time you lost the bengals. Now we we actually show that against the bengals a decent amount with With don i got luke liam is only four hands left and we got three minutes. We're going to bang this out. Real quick God mr mortis jerry. I miss santos santos to what will photo see that little. Connie is yeah areas. Look you got a minute. I'm a huge you guys first of all. I'm a celtics fan. I think they can finish top four in the east this year. I know you guys probably disagree. Especially abe. Because i can't stand your takes about the sixers in regarding the celtics as well. I think they could definitely finish top four in the east. If demonstrator can become a good basketball player getting his jalen brown jason. Tatum have superstar talent. I know on this podcast. Gets the word. Superstar gets thrown around or doesn't get thrown around lightly. Because abe doesn't think jason tam superstar but i think they can play to their highest play. The hawks central they can definitely finished top. Four in the east coast robert williams who just signed up for years i think is a beast and if you keeps improving i think we can definitely make a run at it and also i wanna stay jack. I sent you a em last year. I was watching your mlb the show series in in Middle class and you're reposting story. Did you get in trouble. No i mean they're all your all your takes on. The celtics are fair. they probably could finish for But what you say you don't like my takes about the celtics last year about them. Give zyppah precisely. I look your minutes up. Abe is right. i'm with you. i think celtics have potential this here. Thank you lose. They're still cigarette. Liam you got a minute on the clock. We're running out of time. Go ahead so. I wanna make a both about the patriots. Okay please may i. Yes you jack. I've bet they'll make the playoffs easily. Easily cam newton kenyans. He's a he's a plan person. You know what i mean. He strives off the fans. There is no fans in gillette last year. Oh how that that's the worst cam new. Because the fans weren't there okay. But you don't think they're gonna win the division right. No god got patriots to go to the playoffs. That's probably even odds. Are we got twenty seconds. Make your bet. I'll let you know. If i accept or not i'll share my her everyone and if if they make it what do you want. It's up to you whatever you want you on instagram. We'll figure out the bet because patriots did not making the playoffs. Thanks slam got you thank you. I imagine knocking a fuck about your hair's patriots playoffs. I'm kinda got sued dame's left. I'm proud of us. We got jake brian. We got a minute left. Maybe we'll just both have them go. Maybe thirty seconds. Each jake ryan ryan i with guys all right my bad. I don't wanna take eagle spot. But i wanna spot on the podcast so audition for adelson spot fifty seconds. Yeah no i have my own podcast. I just filmed the episode with quin snyder. Two days ago. I've had brad stevens on I'll send you guys the link. But i'd love to hop on. I've had some experience on no sports. Pretty well sorry eagleson. You're fired but we don't know sports. We know nothing about sports. You have thirty seconds. Give us your best browns fan. So it's perfect. You go on me too well. I i think you're really overrating your ravens. I think i don't know if you remember eric. Managing he was old browns coach. He's an analyst. Now i was talking to. Yeah i think everyone's saying this. I think they're gonna figure out the this year. Dan daniels sauce and no. I'm really. i'm have high hopes with the browns this year. I think we could win the super bowl. I place a bet on your outta here for that ryan. Hit me up in the With the podcast link the appreciative jake. Final one j. Khaki in the building as by roy moore irving jersey all right. I'm not even that's panama. Kings fan but I just have a kyrie jersey. I love harry's game So i bet for you 'cause as you can probably tell by the room the steelers fan. Yeah okay hell no hell no All right i'll bet for you. We can talk this out and your dm's. I've slid nearly before around christmas time. I asked you jersey. I should ask for christmas. Or getting sean taylor..

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