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Mickey was a hit largely fuelled by MTV ATV a song that singer choreographer and video artist Toni. Basil routes specifically to accompany her clip of a drill team of cheerleaders. You leaders it reached number one on the hot one hundred in late. Nineteen eighty two and in weird. AL's hands off. Aw I knew blow. It became an Omarosa Komo. TV's I love Lucy with future simpsons voice actress Tress McNeil playing the part of Lucille Ball and weird al.. Oh doing his best Ricky Ricardo. The video shot mostly in black and white presented a madcap but letter perfect parody of the Lucy show and went into regular rotation on MTV. This exposure finally got out onto the hot one hundred itself. Not just the bubbling under Chart Ricky reached number sixty three in the spring of Nineteen eighty-three less than six months after Toni Basil's original Mickey had topped the chart. A follow up single release of I love rocky road also charted in billboard but missed the hot one hundred bubbling under at number one. Oh six this mixed chart. Performance reflected the specific challenge facing weird Al in the early eighties. AL's skill was parodying being songs that were very recent hits trading on their familiarity and adding not only comical lyrics but hilarious. MTV friendly videos news but even following up hits as big as Joan. Jett's and Toni Basil's in an era of regimented. Top Forty Radio Radio playlists a weird AL parody would have to be truly enormous to make the upper reaches of the hot one hundred remember. You're also that in the seventies what got songs like the streak and convoy to number one was latching onto a major trend or fat in short our would have to parody a positively massive cultural phenomenon to break into the top forty and as one thousand nine hundred eighty three turned to eighty four. That's exactly what he did. Yeah well don't general. That are starting up Pan Weird Al targeted the biggest pop sensation on the planet with eat it a parody of Michael Jackson's beat read it a number one hit in the spring of nineteen eighty-three taken from Jackson's all time bestselling album thriller eat. It was recorded and released. When Jackson Mania was at its absolute apex? It should also be noted that as per his usual policy our reached Out to Jackson himself to secure his approval parodies are protected in US law as fair use but AL insists on receiving leaving the original acts blessing to ensure there are no misunderstandings and to ease the process of apportioning royalties on songs. Owl did not originally right like Doug Feiger of the neck. Most artists are flattered by a weird AL parody but Michael Jackson's seal of approval in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty four proved invaluable. That's because weird Al Not only parodied the song for the first time he parodied and original songs. Video shot for shot shot the edict clip recreated Jackson's iconic beat it video including its warring west side story like gangs and avenue included some dancers from Jackson's original video on MTV it was a smash and on the radio. A weird Al hit was finally too big to ignore Edith reached number twelve on the hot one hundred and went gold because the hot one hundred averages both both sales and airplay those gold record sales helped overcome the handicap novelty songs have on the radio but even on the airwaves wave's eat it received considerable rotations at the height of Jackson Mania. Thank Edith was the lead single on the album weird Al Yankovic in Three D. AL's first LP appea- to crack the top forty like the single. It was certified gold the week in April nineteen eighty-four that it reached its peak of number seventeen seventeen on the album chart in Three D.. Was One position higher than the police's blockbuster nineteen eighty three album. Synchronicity which was ironic because als next single was a parody of the police hit from that album king of pain transformed by owl into the sales. Pitch of a proprietor of cowhide.

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