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We're back with Scott Galloway. He is having has just alienated an enormous segment of people I live next to in San Francisco, but the his yoga attacks, but but let's say wins and fails this week my win for this week is times person of the year Maria wrestle, she's Filipina journalist who I interviewed a few weeks ago on Rico decode, let's take a listen when you write are being taken away from you. We want to alert you to that. That's what our journalism is showing. We showed them in the using data. We showed them that they were being manipulated. And it yet it took another year before people really understood what that meant. I think this or let me pull back the cool thing about all of this is that we're going to redefining and redesigning the world. I just don't want to be the person that gets jailed 'cause we're trying to redefine what journalism is like country. Right. That's extremely exciting. And I think that you know, with with leaders like Trump like duty to appeal. To the worst of human nature, and then the social media platforms allowing that allowing exponential is to be used against tooth tellers to the point that we have no facts to begin any discussion with. So this interview was amazing. I actually asked her to go back to the Philippines. And of course, she was arrested when she got back the heartache he he's just out to get her. She's doing all these she's part of a group called wrap ler, and they're doing some astonishing journals and there and pointing out the extra digital killings and all kinds of things, and I was really she deserves so much of the credit for not allowing these these these lies and the use of social media. We talked a lot about that and abuse and just standing up to it. And I was I think she is just the wind of my the year really in lots of ways and journalists like her, and so I was really pleased that she was put on the cover of time magazine. I'm not so please she was arrested in the Philippines for they ginned up. Some ridiculous. Axes of accusations against her. So that is my win Scott and very nice good person. Who doesn't who makes me feel better about this world cannot take the other side of this? Well, no don't be anti arrest. I'll have to know. Let me be clear anything that extends the news cycle around around her or kashogi. I think a good thing should journalists giving other journalists awards. Yes. Okay. This case. Yes. This case. Yes. Because because this is an unusual case, I agree with you. I don't go to those journals and things and Uelmen find me at them. And I hate them. But I I don't like the ask like all of those awards for awards of words thing. But in this case the attacks on the press cross the globe, including here poetry demand that we make this an important thing. And I it's shouldn't like over index on how great we are. But she happens to be great. And so, you know in the in the dismemberment of journalist should be noted. And the people the capital gazette and stuff like that. So in this case, yes, I would say because of the continual attacks impressed, especially by President Trump babysitting..

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