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The ram trucks traffic center here's russ meyer and i up here's what we see on long island's big three there's roadwork on the long island expressway eastbound in suffolk it begins seko's parkway taking out the left lane out to vezzali then they shut down all lanes of the main roadway for a brief stretch they will send you to the service row to get around it westbound left lane blocked round swap road nassau south or used to be a road again all lanes of the main roadway are blocked from south one of six seven the got the service road and the northern state has options northern state and southern doing okay bethpage parkway closed from end to end in both directions still six here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels crossing the gw be inbound go with the lower level the upper level has two right lanes closed for repairs the outbound upper deck two lanes are blocked onto the apartment says well lincoln's quiet holland only one lane open in each direction that does slow down a bit now and then shouldn't be more than ten to fifteen minutes though path train's journal square to thirty third hoboken delayed because of some trackwork also altered side of the street parking roles are in effect for today cameras myra next reports to thirtyone on ten to wins wins news time to twenty two president trump has concluded his summit with north korean leader kim jong un in singapore of the signing ceremony involving the two heads of states letter they were signing is very comprehensive and i think both sides are going to be very impressed with the result a lot of goodwill went into this a lot of work a lot of preparation i want to thank everybody on both sides secretary al and all of his counterparts they were absolutely fantastic we don't yet know what the documents say but we should find out soon this morning juju chang report south koreans are watching developments at the summit closely male korean in south korea serves a mandatory military service there are bomb shelters all over the country they have lived under the threat of nuclear war suit to see these images to see the.

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