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Carefully and cautiously. So this as a traffic safety. Groups are warning of the one hundred deadliest days according to triple a. Thirty percent of fatal crashes happened during the one hundred deadliest as that. start on memorial day and continue through labor day and sadly this is the most fatal time of year for young drivers. Eight eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision seles studios. It's great organization known as a drive smart weld county and for more than twenty years. Have been doing everything in their power to ensure the safety of all of us but the main focus of this coalition is to help early and pre drivers from the ages of nine thousand nine hundred. Fourteen particularly given all the distractions that we all need to contend with behind the wheel joined this morning by coalition coordinator for dr smart weld. County kelly martinez. Hey kelly welcome to the show gail. Thank you so much for having me this morning. Oh you bat so all the work that you do. So give us the backstory about dr smart weld county shares. So dry smart wall county was actually established about twenty years ago and it was just a group of concerned citizens and Well county first responders insurance agents public health practitioners that really wanted to Address the High number of traffic fatalities that well county was seen Back in two thousand eight. Our county had the most traffic fatalities in the nation. So you know it's pretty devastating So we started the coalition and looked at best practices. look at what other entities organizations are doing around the world. actually to address You know the totality that they were seeing well and sadly Weld county's still ranks fairly high among traffic fatalities in in that count across the nation. Talk with jared file cdot region for communications manager each and every week and we talk about the factors that contribute to that. But what do you see as being the primary contributors to that high rate of fatalities in weld well specifically in weld county It's worry growing county and We have a lot of roads We have Will level of population that is growing We have a lot of oil and gas industry traffic. Just a lotta traffic on the road. So probably contributing factor and then of course. There are the distractions that we all deal with some better than others right for sure and as you know. Technology has become a bigger part of our lives. That's definitely creating a lot of distractions. You know Young drivers really the number one cause of their crashes are distractions so not only. Are they dealing with you. Know just experience being behind the wheel for the first time they have. All these other distractions in the car. And it's not. Just you know the mobile device. It's other things like trying to change the song on the radio or eating and drinking when they're driving So there's a you know a lot of things that people don't think about that can be distracting for teams. So how does the program actually work so We work pretty much. All of the High schools within the county Originally the coalition was first established. We actually went out to the high schools with our volunteers being again. The first responders enchant insurance agents trauma on professionals public health professionals and we would do a one day assembly and it was very interactive and we talked to the kids about how but her choices you know what the consequences of our other choices behind the wheel As unfortunately when dealing with kobe we weren't allowed to go into the school. So yeah so that. Kind of put a damper on our program but Actually ended up being a great opportunity for our coalition because we instead of going out as adults into the schools we identified groups within the schools to carry our message for us so Different groups whether it was national honor society or student government took on we call it. The budge buds challenge An acronym for buckle up drives smart. They programmed for us in the school and they would do it year long so much more impactful number one because the kids are hearing the message many more times rather than a one day assembly and also kids tend to listen to their peers. More so than adult so Truth that is such so. We can measure the impact of our by conducting a seatbelt checkpoint at the beginning of the school year. And we usually do that with the students. Local law enforcement and a coalition member and we count the number of people going through the School parking lot. That are buckled. Up or distract are driving distracted and then we let the kids program all year whether it's weekly announcements or art contests or bigger things where they bring in survivors speakers And then at the end of the year we do that same seatbelt. Checkpoint measured people wearing their seatbelts driving into the lot as well as not being distracted. And you know the goal of course is the hope to improvement and we have so. It's much more effective to let the kids carry the message for us. What's their reaction to all of. This is kind of like. Yeah yeah yeah or they picking up on the importance of the message. Because i'm flashing back to my high school days where they would bring in a wrecked car and set it up on display working lot or this was the best one right before prom every year. They showed this movie. And i'll never forget. It was called signal forty and it was about these kids that were going to the prom and they got into this horrific rack and i mean it was gore in. It was awful. It was scary scary. But i'm not so sure that it really was relevant in terms of providing.

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