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The bell coming up tomorrow. It'll be at city field. Where bobby valentine will throw out the ceremonial first pitch with you. Are you going to the top of the mound. Though joe now well i hope not bobby valentine is going to the top of the mound. You that that may be the first bite we have tomorrow. Night is I'm you know my heart would be in the right place. But i'm not sure the ball would be in the right place so we're probably going to cut it in half. Did you ever yell at jeeter. I did yell at cheater but Well there was a play that of about spring training actually his first spring a didn't cover second base. He likes to tell the story Where you know. He didn't cover second base on a on a play was it would have been the third out of any india soon. They were going to throw it to first. And he didn't cover second and you know he commanded got ondeck in and stuff and i just told him to get his head out of in you know get with it and i even forgot that old saying he reminded me but there was a time also in chicago where he tried to steal third base with cecil fielder hitting and were one run behind and to out in the eighth inning. I through some stuff in the dugout which thank goodness. Nobody videoed but When when he came in. I said i remember saying that don zimmer. I said i won't won't talk them. Considered his rookie year. I said i'm not gonna talk to him until tomorrow. I just don't want to distract trying to win a game and with that after the half inning was over he came into the dugout and he wedged himself. Right between zimmer myself he just come over to take his lumps. That was it. So i hit him in the back of the head. I said get outta here. Told me he knew that he screwed up but He he he was a game re came to work every day. He knew that he was just one of the guys and really earned earned a earned a lot of respects in the veterans that first year Which is very surprising for young player. How's the arm. I mean you played third base and you were catcher you. How's the hose can you..

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