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What are you gonna bring the suitcase for that elizabeth jane embedded keri russell wasn't job and i'm gonna say this forbid other too i'm always mad i don't think your show got enough award recognition in that time so i don't know if it was an f x thing not behind from the radar but writing acting so many things to me should have been winning well those but thank you keri russell matthew matthew reese their relationship onscreen was fantastic carry me the job she did to have this sometimes just real icy cold sociopath and yet she could play these scenes where you really sars this carrying mom you know that type of thing trying to work on her marriage you know that type of thing was was she the first one attached to the americans did she come into the project i so the story is the script was picked up and apparently there was a big long list this before i was involved in the project there was a long list of basically every actress in hollywood who was around the right age to play the bart and there's a big conference call and apparently john landgraf of fx looked over that list and there was a long silence and he just said keri russell really yeah he just knew that would be just knew it and apparently he later told joe my partner joe he later told him that he doesn't always have flashes like that but every once in a while he has a very strong instinct about an actor for part well and then in seeing it at one and do it of course.

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