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Like our whole gripe is when, when, when things go bad not, if things go bad, when things go bad, because this is the Bengals we're talking about, what is their contingency plan? What is their response to be how're things going to be reshuffled? What is the depth going to be like, it's going to be important about who you know, takes us, you know, three or four final spots on the on the line, and just kinda save this group from collapsing on? So because that's what we've seen the past three years. Well, we'll see how it all shakes out. Hopefully the injuries to Boeing in Joan bowling hasn't really fully been made totally clear as to what's going on air, either. You know, I think it's a think we've heard shoulder, maybe so, you know, there've been real mysterious about it. And you know, hey like I said those are the two. To or at least two of the three most talented offensive lineman. You would say right now on this on this current group. So if they've got something going on make sure they they heal up when they play when they're ready to play. And when it's important, so you know, I guess it's understandable from that point, just a little frustrating, not knowing what's going on. And getting the full picture. This is the orange black insider bagels podcast. He's John, Anthony Costanza. You could get this show on I tunes on Stitcher on Spotify on Google play. You can get it on the megaphone platform, as well as YouTube and since he jungle, we will be having on Thursday of this week. We will be having a listener question, standalone show, we hope you can join us live, even though it might be in the middle of your workday. You can still join us, you know, go on the cincy jungle comment thread leave a comment if you're in front of a computer on your phone tablet, anything like that. You can also call or text us nine for nine five four. Six two four one starting at two pm eastern tomorrow will be taking those calls and texts..

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