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So I think we're pretty familiar with WHO Clive Palmer is. Yeah. I would say so it's a pretty unmistakable seavy Queensland billionaire and mining magnates one time proprietor of a dinosaur theme park cold sores. He is currently trying to build a fully functioning replica of the titanic why not and who could forget three is as an MP. That's the abridged version and you don't have to read the fine print to know he treats legal action as a kind of religion. In fact, he wants listed litigation as a Hobby in magazine perform and like a lot of hobbyists. He has decided to explore a nation in this instance, starting legal battles with the state of Western Australia Muslims nine hundred in my political reporter for W. Today Yeah. That's that's the that's the job. What's What's so it's probably doing the same thing actually. Ridiculous distinction there. So here. Twenty four hours a day on running around after cloth Parma they've done. Right, and that's because Clive Palmer has about half a dozen active legal cases against the state of wwl right now, the biggest one could send the state broke and we will get to that shortly, but there is so much to untangle years. So maybe for the sake of clarity we should start at the state border. What's the dispute here? Right, now, and this is the sense of to treat this stuff because they all they're all around a couple of big issues. They might be a lot a lot of actions running around the country, but there's really two big. Themes or two big things is trying to achieve and the the state border is one of them. So W I. Five around the country. Now, I think we've got a hot water which makes it difficult for anybody to get into the state This means that unit an exemption and there's no more just crossing I've around driving across the floor and hey, you I in the end, the police to actually say Yep, you're allowed to come in one of those exemptions that you can get is for business playful but it's not like a foregone conclusion I look at your case I think are you really need to be site will say, yes of you come in my cloth towel. Had I a crack getting an exemption it was not back. Now this is Normal people say well Unites Pandemic and it will just Labor Day Clark took that whole things at the high court saying hi, this things. You count actually stopped me coming into the site. He's got a he's got. He's property but more importantly a good majority of his business is in w I'd I ions mines in the northwest so he's Not I should be allowed to coming you guys don't. And did he also wanted to do something with hydroxy chloroquine or or did I not? Just a bad drain that was true. So Hey. Hey Board. A COUPLA hundred, hundred million shots to the staff. When this became popular in the early stages of the pandemic Donald Trump was running around saying this might work. So. He got on board that he's got a he's got a class Thomas Action which brought alcohol of the staff and. Hygiene. So stroke it in w is so yeah he put that on the on his application coming in that kind of got lost in the whole mix per year you're quite right. So does that mean he just kind of has a warehouse now? Chloroquine sitting somewhere. Yeah. Wanted to know where exactly where he's. Okay. So he puts in an application to enter the state and gets knocked back yet armed himself with some QC's and Texas to the High Court. What do people make this challenge initially? Well look, the Hod border is very popular in W I. Say it as the principal, the Principal Line of defense against the ten damage we've got one hundred fifty is now is not community transmission. and. So I went pomme rock south and says I want to bring down this board. All Hell broke loose. It were very unhappy with him. premia mock McGowan spearheaded the campaign against him and really hey, became. Public enemy number one in fact, that's they're the exact words that. mcgown yes. In relation to comment of have A. Blue with Mr Palmer is the enemy of what's the strategy the enemy. The enemy of strike. And initially, the Commonwealth was on Clive Palmer's Saad right though saying hang on, he might have KC. Yeah. That's right. Sorry. attorney-general General Christian Porter himself West to straighten. Treasure. Attorney General in the West, destroying government for you went federal. Hey look in thought. Well, you know what we've got a responsibility here If you look at ninety two of the Constitution, it says pretty clearly intercourse between the site be absolutely free. The feds were on board they not on board anymore why is that? Is it just to do with the optics of being aligned with Clive Palmer or they had a you describe it as a public backlash. Of Journalistic You know water cliche. But that that's really what it was our company on talk back social media everywhere you looked and I think they very quickly worked out. All right. We're an audience and nothing here it's being described as a victory for people power the federal government pulling its support for Clive Palmer's border battle with w way but the legal fight is not over yet with right. So the feds might have involvement but that point that the Attorney General Kristen Puerto raised that you mentioned earlier that you know these hardboard border might actually be unconstitutional that point still stands so. Clive Palmer have a strong argument the. Arguments about the constitution in fairness a lot of the lawyers look inside. Hi, how does this site? Australians out have sort of some in the high court eventually when it gets the. But. That's certainly not the court of public opinion and hey, just really has been. Vilified. The. The West Australian this week depicted you Dr Evil as a kind towed the headline was passed. Up so you Mr Palmer Clive Palmer. There on the line from the gold. coast. So. It'll be months before the High Court hands down a decision on wwl hod border and a lot of people will be watching when it does because that decision could affect every other state and territory with border restrictions. If the court finds favour of Clive Palmer and in the meantime he has launched a separate case. He's suing the W. I premiere for Defamation Permeate China, and had a very public press conference where are they went pretty hot on cloth on plot he's acting in the interest of Western Australia or strategy he only cares about himself so he threatened and cajoled. Cold Manetti, the site might a lot of allegations gives were true every week in. Western Australia. I people commit suicide the. Domestic. Violence right is now gone up three hundred percent, but it was before the border closure. because they're real people to die and Halloween all right off to the federal court you guys. WanNa accountable that was. This a personal defamation re. Floating around Premier.

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