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Welcome in ninety five the sports hub on christian arkin nice to have you whether it's today on what appeared to be a a nice day until literally i pulled up at the station and i know a lot of people make that truman show job started right literally did i pulled up i do that dang we're after you pull up wherever you are you check your phone for every single thing in the world and i look up and i step out of the car and it just dumped rain on me tom three i was shocked but i'm okay now doing better than jim murray that's for sure jesus that guy hope he feels better anyway i'm riding solo with you from two until six o'clock and we have a myriad of topics to get to and we'll well i feel like there's a couple of different places we could start today but i want to start with the red sox and the reason why i want to start with damage because first of all they're the only game in town right now which is another sort of topic we have to tackle is as we all sort of continue to reel from the end of the celtics season we'll get into them in a little bit as well we'll talk nba finals we got some patriots news some interesting stuff going on in the world of sports business i guess big article in the wall street journal about espn and why they're losing subscribers and a couple other things we'll get to later on in the program but right now i wanted to start with the red sox because i feel like i feel like we're right on the edge we're right on the edge of those of those hot red sox takes where the team's doing really well and you know they're doing well but you also know that there's some issues.

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