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I get some wrong. But in this case, not only do you have to rely on Intel that you have and based on that I haven't changed my stance the entire season. Now, you update the information and for me the nets and the clippers out plant expectations dish year became a gift and a curse. Because when you do that you have a couple of people that's gonna be on the team next year. Regardless, it ain't a blank canvas when you go to New York. All of those rookie deals. It's a blank canvas. So now, you become de change agent Carr Ijaz saw this happened when he went to Boston. They made it to the Eastern Conference finals without him. So would it? We -ticipant happen when he returned. Oh championship along with Gordon Hayward, right? Oh, yeah. Couple all-stars end of that successful roster. They're gonna give the warriors run. So the clippers how about their playoff run. Didn't. They have a great series, as far as far as it relates to a moral big against Golden State worse. They go six games. Right. Okay. So now, people leave and say, hey, if they get an all star level player superstar that's going to put him over the top. So how do you relate this to Kevin Durant? Because those situations all ready have expectations. What did you go in ends up like a kyri situation in Boston for the first year, and they don't all play with the clippers did this year. They don't I'll play with the nest this year. Then all of a sudden, you're back at square one if he signs with the Knicks, I predict this start getting a leaky rumors about the injury in the medical staff and him not being happy with the warriors. And the way he came back if he's no longer on that team. I think do information we'll start to trickle out a little bit about what happened during the files and I'm sorry in the Friday before they play game five of the NBA finals, what on national television NBA countdown, and I said, Kevin Durant workout did not go well on any level. He is not ready to play NBA basketball in the finals, especially versus koala Linnet. Game five hat game six all of a sudden it down three one, I think the hurt mentality and him listening to the whispers of so many not putting respect on his name, and assassinating his character allowed him to cave to the point where he was willing to risk forest team for the championship cleared him as well. But also for the opportunity to help lead them back to the championship. You don't not get cleared on Friday from a calf injury to be ready to go on Monday. It don't work like that. It does not work like that. And it played out the way it did. And the dribbles that you talk about gonna happen about how to medical staff handled it that is going to start becoming a narrative because we believe he was leaving. Anyway, it just would have been a different narrative, now that's going to becoming. This one's interesting. This comes from Bleacher report. We always talk about the big big players. But this is Dangelo Russell. He's a free agent to he's made his first all star game played really well for the Brooklyn nets well, Bleacher for two saying that his break up with the Lakers, didn't go. Well, it wasn't pretty we all know that. But with Magic Johnson out of the picture, he would be willing to join the Los Angeles Lakers. You see that happening. That ain't breaking news shot. The Bleacher report, they do a terrific job, but he don't go with a blank check in the best opportunity..

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