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Don't leave your draft draft without a dad joke but bring it bring it back all five offensive line starters from an offensive line that return that <hes> finish top five or top ten in the n._f._l. In football outsiders adjusted line yards last year matt brita average over i five yards per carry and went over a thousand yards from scrimmage last year playing through a dislocated shoulder in high ankle sprain he just a frigging warrior man and i know that coach shannahan loves tevin coleman he does but when is heaven coleman showed us that he should be a true workhorse running running back he hasn't you know and so i think that's going to be a two man backfield and i think it's probably going to be a what is the preseason split has been what what like twenty one to fourteen right. I actually haven't had a chance to review the san francisco week three yet but it's gonna be interesting because jimi played a ton domino. Watch that tomorrow morning in and get back to you guys but yeah it looked like it was about sixty forty and i think the mob rita is a better receiving back then is kevin coleman so <hes> and we saw that on his twenty two yard touchdown catch so yeah i mean matt. Brita is unfortunately in that saturday night draft that i did. He went in in seventh round it all guys that's the earliest that i've seen mabry to go. Usually you can just get routinely in the ninth or tenth but he's a guy that i really. I wanna take every single draft. <hes> you make around ten pick. I dunno a couple of even double up on matt breeden. It was certainly matt breda but this is also the round where you start to look at tony pollard which <unk> who by the way baller dude yeah i mean. Are you kidding me. Here's my question on. Here's my question on toni ballard does he have standalone value d think if in wednesay comes back he should yeah. Should i mean this this. How is he. How's he different from alvin kamara. I mean they're like the exact same got. I mean they were like kind of like backups in college. You remember alvin kamara played behind jalen hurd see tony power play behind durell henderson at memphis. They excelled in different ways days. I'm a camera was an excellent receiver. Johnny pollard was an excellent receivers well. He also crushed on kickoff returns. I mean <unk> like if anybody seen tony pollard in the preseason and i understand that it's the preseason. I don't care the way he moves is just like he is so freaking freaking explosive and you had an amazing that today that that prescott has played what twenty two snaps or or what was your was your stat yet twenty two snaps apps for dak prescott over the last two preseason games. Tony pollard has played twenty two every other running back has played zero so yeah i mean i think zeke mrs time. I'm extremely confident saying that tony parker is going to be an every down back yup eleventh round eleventh around where i start to look at quarterback and i know people say that's crazy and everything i think if you can get lamar jackson accent in round eleven if you can get james winston in round eleven those exciting exciting picks for me and i'm more than happy to ride with that. I noticed a lot of the draft applets. I was looking through for the abused default rankings article. That's in the draft kit <hes> even yahoo which had amazing rankings like i was shocked..

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