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You're listening to Bloomberg Daybreak. I'm Amy Morris alongside Karen Moscow. It's 659 on Wall Street. Stay with us. Bloomberg Surveillance with Jonathan Farrow and Lisa Abramowitz starts right now. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg When Radio. people say this country's economy is in bad shape, I call hogwash to that. This economy is very strong. In fact, it's booming. There are some angles here fundamentally that provide ongoing support for the equity markets. It feels like a lot of investors have been chasing the trade. There is a what I call a Goldilocks scenario emerging where we can avoid recession. I would anticipate from Powell probably next week, Jackson Hole, from the Fed that they lean into a hawkish bias still. This is Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keane, Jonathan Farrow and Lisa Abramowitz. A year ago, Chairman Powell talked about pain. A year later, a lot of people in this US economy, the economists asking the question, what pain? Live from New York City this morning. Good morning, good morning. For our audience worldwide, this is Bloomberg Surveillance on TV and radio. Alongside Lisa Abramowitz, I'm Jonathan Farrow. Your equity market on the S &P 500. Three -day losing streak threatening to become four. We're negative here by 0 .2%. The official countdown to Chairman Powell and Jackson Hole has begun. Lisa, how does his comments this year compare to his comments from last year? I'm guessing that pain won't be mentioned quite as much as it was last year. Just a hunch, but we have gotten confirmation. In response to you, they basically came out and said, Jonathan Farrow asked whether we will hear from Chair Jay Powell and the answer is yes, he will come out and he will give a speech and he probably will give a short one that confirms a lot of what we've already heard. You don't expect to hear anything at 10 .05 Eastern Time a week today. I'm curious to see with a long -term neutral rate.

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