A highlight from 118: Part 1: Marc Cameron - From Deputy US Marshal to Arliss Cutter to Tom Clancy

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Well, again, here we are. Episode 118. Murph, we have 118. This is like surviving 118 attempts on our life. We have dodged all the bullets. Our listeners are loyal and they protect us. You guys protect us. So welcome back again. Episode 118, Game of Crimes. Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for joining. I am your host with the most hair. Just got it cut, Morgan Wright, here literally with my partner in crime. Murph, who's almost bald and your hair looks like crap. My hair doesn't look like crap. It looks like crap. No, it doesn't. It looks marvelous. I've got so much. She says, the person who cut my hair said, when you come in after six weeks, it's like most people's eight weeks or 10 weeks. So I get a lot of hair. Hey, when I go in and get a haircut, it takes like three minutes. I'm in and out. There you go. You sure that's a haircut? Be nice now. I'm just starting this. Please, please don't pay attention to him, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry, okay. We're trying to gain some professional help. Yeah, whatever. All right, how's that working out for you? Okay, let's just do some quick housekeeping before we get started. Hey guys, head on over to that Apple Spotify. Hit those five stars. It helps us out a lot. Remember, the other thing we learned that too, guess what guys? Not only did Stitcher go away, Google Podcasts is going away. So you're gonna have to, if you're on Google, make sure you pick a new service to keep listening to us. Make sure you hit that subscribe button too so that you do not miss. Deliver to your digital inbox every week on a Monday and Tuesday, these episodes like this one's coming out. Also head on over to our website, gameofcrimespodcast .com. In fact, when we talk about our guest today, Mark Cameron, we'll talk about his book. That'll be listed on there. And we've got a lot of great stuff on there. So make sure you head on over there. Gameofcrimespodcast .com. Also follow us on that thing they call social media at Game of Crimes on Twitter, Game of Crimes podcast on Facebook and the Instagram. But Murph, I'm telling you, we're gonna have some fun on Patreon. Patreon .com slash Game of Crimes. I have a 911 call coming up for you. Of all the 911 calls, I guarantee you nobody, nobody has taken a call like this before that I'm aware of ever, anywhere. Looking forward to hearing this one. Holy cow. There's gonna be a couple. This one, I don't know if I can make an entire case out of it, but I've listened to it. And just the sheer confusion on the call taker, they've never been presented with this before. So we'll have to talk about that. But guys, we just did our warden of the throne. It's a unique little thing we're doing now. Rather than just taking one topic, Murph brings two topics. I bring two topics. We're allowed to get into things that are catching our interest for the previous month or some stories. So we just did one talking about Philadelphia and the looting, Iran, and what they call the Iranian experts initiative. People have had their security clearance suspended. You talk about some tragic cases up in New York, the Bronx, baby dying at daycare center, and the recent death of that CEO by a sexual predator who should have still been in prison, but wasn't. Right, in Baltimore. So those are a lot of good things. We've got Q &A coming up, 911, what's your emergency case of the month? So guys, all good stuff. You don't hear this anywhere else, but on patreon .com slash Game of Crimes. But the other place you gotta be though too, Murph, our favorite mafia queen with the iron fist with the velvet glove. You gotta head on over there, watch what Sandy Salvato is doing with our Game of Crimes fans page. Just go to Facebook, type in Game of Crimes fans, answer a couple easy questions, get admitted to the Inner Sanctum in YouTube. You will see what goes on behind the scenes, behind the curtains. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain because that's one of our favorite people happening over on Game of Crimes fans. It's a lot of fun. There's a lot of humor there. A lot of dark humor too. If you saw some of the stuff people have posted, I hope you guys, I hope your healthcare plan supports you with an employee assistance program. I'm telling you. I don't know what you're talking about. Here's what I'm talking about. You know what I'm talking about now because you know what time it is. Guess what? I'm gonna ask you, do you know what time it is? Guess what time it is? Come on, give me a clue. It's time for Small Town Police Blotter. Hey, this because in honor of our guest that's coming up, Mark Cameron, the author, we'll talk about him in a second, but he went from Texas, lives in Alaska. So I thought we should have an Alaska theme. There you go. For our Small Town Police Blotter. So Murph, gotta ask you. Yes. This comes out of the Alaska Dispatch News. You know, a lot of fishery stuff, a lot of crabbing, a lot of lobster stuff, a lot of that goes on in Alaska, doesn't it? Mm -hmm, mm -hmm. So you have an idea. You go, hey, we're gonna take a crabbing boat and we're gonna convert it into a floating bar and strip club. What could go wrong, right? Oh my gosh. So 54 -year -old Darren Byler of Kodiak and his 46 -year -old wife, Kimberly, own the Wild Alaskan, a former crabbing boat that's been converted into a floating bar and strip club. Apparently it's doing pretty well. They've been running the business since June, but now they're in serious legal trouble and Murph, it's not for stripping. Uh -oh, what is it? This gives new meaning to, you know, why this is on a crabbing boat. So if you're out there floating, you have to provide facilities for people to use, right? So if they use the facilities, number one and number two, you should probably find a way to take care of that other than dumping it into the ocean. Oh, come on, come on. So they were just indicted by a federal grand jury for improper disposal of human waste after they were caught dumping feces from their bathroom into the harbor, as they say in Maine, into the harbor. Instead of taking the waste tanks to the proper places on shore, they both could be facing up to one year in jail and $25 ,000 in fine, but that's not the worst part. The worst part is the Coast Guard said they lied about dumping the tanks, and if they're convicted of that, making false statements to the Coast Guard investigators, that could get them five years in prison and $250 ,000 in fines. Cha -ching. I tell you what, you gotta do a lot of stripping to make that kind of money. It's a shitty situation they got themselves in. It's terrible. This whole thing just stinks. It stinks, man, stinks to high heaven. Tell you what, you know, you had a turd in one hand and wishes in the other. Anyway, we could go lots of places with that, so. These people didn't move to Alaska from Florida, did they? I don't believe so. Thank goodness. Hey, but I went back into the archives too, so I pulled some articles out of the Alaska News Archives, the Fairbanks Daily News Minor. This comes to us January 21st, 1955, and I'm telling you, the stories are hilarious. These are quick hits. And not always, but this is what's in Alaska. This is what's important in Alaska, January of 1955. The Tokyo police hire pretty hostesses. Tokyo police, grieved by complaints that their headquarters is unattractive, have assigned four pretty girls to meet people at the building's two entrances. Officials have also ordered the women to take charm courses. That is what's important in the Alaska, you know, the Fairbanks Daily News Minor. The other thing you gotta do here, be prepared. And this comes to us, it's out of Tucson, Arizona, but in the Fairbanks Daily News Minor. This is 1955, a 15 -year -old boy with a loaded .38 caliber pistol in his waistband was removed from high school class here by police. His explanation for carrying a gun, a couple of those teachers were giving me a hard time. Well, geez, okay. Okay, but this one though, this one has gotta be, this is it. This is St. Monaface. I believe this is Alaska, no, Manitoba. This is St. Monaface, Manitoba. All right. Police were certain the worst of the winter is upon them. Pete Nikoluk has started his annual jail term for vagrancy. Nikoluk has spent the past 21 winters in jail on vagrancy charges. Police says he always manages to get arrested just before the coldest part of the winter sets in. Who says this guy's not smart? Three hots and a cot, and I get through the toughest part of winter. Oh my goodness. That's, well, you know, that's prior planning, I guess. Prior planning prevents piss -poor performance, the 6Ps. There you go. Yep. You ask my children, they'll tell you what the 6Ps are. That's right. Murph, now, we'll finish up with this. I went and looked at what are some of the strangest laws in Alaska, and these are definitely Alaskan. It is illegal to whisper in someone's ear why they are moose hunting. Okay. It's legal to shoot bears. However, it is illegal to wake a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph. Why would you wake a sleeping bear? Isn't that the truth? Here's another thing, and I don't get it. It is considered an offense. It's illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose. What? Why? Huh. Apparently, it's also illegal to sell stun guns to children. That one, I kind of get that makes sense. Well, if you're in Fairbanks, Alaska, if you love a vuvuzula, remember what they did during the World Cup. You know, you blow those things that make a lot of noise. Those annoying things? Yeah, it's illegal to blow a horn in a manner that disrupts the peace. Good. Yep. So, it's illegal to fatten up a sheep, cow, or pig within the city limits of Fairbanks. Are we talking about people or animals? Well, maybe it's meatball, and you'll have to listen to her. You'll have to listen to our warden of the throne. All right, it is also a crime to speak so loud that you offend a sensitive person enough to make him, her, or her leave if you're in Fairbanks. What? Okay, well, hey, be nice. That's just be nice. And you can only carry a concealed slingshot if you have received the appropriate license. The license. Do you have a license for that slingshot? All right. Oh, okay. I didn't know you had to have that. But Murph, this is the craziest one. This reminds me of an episode of you and JP on Narcos where you were accused of doing this, not a moose, but it is an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane. Well, you know, I gotta agree with that, but have you seen how big a moose is? How do you push it anywhere? Well, how do you get it into the damn airplane to begin with is what I wanna know. And who wants a moose, a pissed off moose, in their airplane? Uniquely Alaskan. So Mark Cameron, as we get into this, and again, we wanna thank our buddy, Patrick O 'Donnell, Cops and Writers. Go listen to his podcast. Hooked us up with him, but Mark Cameron is an interesting dude, moved from Weatherford, Texas to Alaska. And we're gonna talk about his book that was just released. It's an Arliss Kutter novel, Breakneck, by Mark Cameron. But the interesting thing too, Murph, was he wrote the last seven Tom Clancy novels. And this is a guy that used to be a marshal, which most of the reports were saw bad guy, put him in jail, you know? Not extensive reports in the marshal service. Saw a fugitive, arrested, same.

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