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Hotels in downtown Phoenix hold on hold with the can bring along with posters reading black lives matter or some of the signs and chants protesters are holding this hour as they walk through the streets of downtown Phoenix now we are just about an hour away from governor Ducey's declared curfew that is the second night of the declared curfew thousands are gathered making it the fifth day of protests KTA ours Peter Samar is close to the protest and he will give us details once he gets on scene we are again are about an hour away from a curfew that goes into place members of the Arizona National Guard ready to deploy if needed as part of governor Ducey's emergency declaration and curfew guard spokesman major Erin Thacker says about nine hundred guard members have been called up and are ready to back up police if needed protests that are peaceful are a part of our constitution the part of our tradition in this country and our support role to local law enforcement B. city county or state is to help enable that peaceful protests that occurred says local police have implemented plans it will call on the guard if they need back up factor as the guard members are Arizona citizens too and will use the utmost caution because family members may also be protesting desert ridge in Tempe marketplace is ready to close they're already closed they shut their doors at about six o'clock tonight two hours ahead of Arizona state wide curfew fired pie's Fred Morgan co owned stores there and stores in Tucson and Scottsdale that lingers trashed over the weekend I doing this you're really damaging our community and really hurting a lot of individuals that really are just trying to make a living he says is to some workers had in the walk in refrigerator and tell their general manager could evacuate them Morgan estimates more than ten thousand dollars in destruction and lost food that looters contaminated K. G. A. ours eyes on education new guidelines released this morning for how to safely reopen our state's public school superintendent of public instruction Kathy Hoffman says they are recommending for scenarios for schools to re open including having all students return to school and having an option for online learn some schools are also looking into having different types of scheduling where kids might come in certain days of the week and have a rotating schedule guidelines also make recommendations on everything from how classroom should look to whether or not students should wear face masks to read more on those guidelines you can go to K. T. A. R. dot com Arizona surpassed twenty thousand total cases of coronavirus that coming after the Arizona department of health services reporting one hundred eighty seven new cases this morning the state's death toll sets at nine seventeen after an increase of eleven deaths seven oh five right now let's check in with Josh K. he's got a look at traffic live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center yeah John with everything happening downtown police have closed the seventh street and Seventh Avenue on and off ramps coming from both directions of the ten you can either enter or exit at sixteenth street or nineteenth Avenue instead then in each direction of the water won both the cardinals way in Maryland off ramps are shut down this evening however you can still get off at Glendale meanwhile on the surface streets of Jefferson and Washington are close downtown from Seventh Avenue until First Avenue this report is sponsored by Lowe's Lowe's is working harder than ever to help pros get the job done with services like curbside loading and jobsite delivery that's why Lowe's is the new home.

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