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Is the show just share the tweet of scout. At the mic. Oh, scout. She has jumped up on the couch. Now She's standing right in front of me on the back of the couch because my broadcast table set up right behind the couch in my office there looking out the window that think they're squirrels out there or something. Squirrel squirrel Squirrel squirrel. Welcome back. It's not Gatsby's trying to jump in my lap. Welcome back to spit out over three here on a Friday, while the thie end off the week is near. Let's talk about this Nashville situation and it's getting quite a bit of attention and folks of screaming conspiracy theory and I want the truth. I want the bottom of any issue. To be found out reported well, and I want the fax. If there is a cover up if there's a problem if there is shenanigans if there's something really fishy going on, I want to know Who is a report from the Fox TV affiliate in Nashville. W Z TV where they claim that they had some emails. And when they showed the emails, then those on the other side in Nashville, Tennessee government they're claiming that now it doesn't tell the whole story here. The accusation is, is that the city of Nashville All the way to the mayor's office that they're being accused of hiding. A low number of covert 19 cases, which are linked to restaurants. And bars and the mayor of Nashville. And his Department of Health. They're being accused of withholding data that the claim is shows a relatively low number of covert 19 cases. That are linked to restaurants and bars. Now, listen, I'm not downplaying covert 19. It is riel. We have nearly 200,000 deaths were probably actually over 200,000 deaths because the consensus is from people that I know and trust is that the deaths have been underreported and the number of cases have been underreported. In this country. But The story is that the mayor of Nashville And the Health department being accused of not sharing with the public. The fact that Cases of covert 19 that were linked to spreads from restaurants and bars in the city. That the numbers are very, very low. There were internal e mails which Fox Imaginable got ahold of W Z TV. And purportedly these emails they demonstrate. That national city officials That they discussed. The low numbers of covert 19 case that could be traced. The restaurants and bars and whether they should make the low numbers public. Got an email from June 29th. It's a June 29th email Benjamin Eagles, who's the senior advisor to National Mayor John Cooper. Asked Metro Nashville Health Department epidemiologist Leslie Whaler. For Countywide contact tracing data over the last 14 days. Quote, looking to see what sort of activity has been most related to new cases. Eagles wrote in this email. Wailer in response as for time to pull the data together before writing quote. This isn't going to be publicly released right? Just for the mayor's office question. Mark Correct not for public consumption, according to Eagle's, according to the Fox report. And these purported emails. Then, a month later, a local reporter asked the health Department about A claim. If the numbers are low on Lee 80 Corona virus cases have been traced. The restaurants and bars in national Now let me be clear. I'm not downplaying this virus. I You know me. I'm a realist. What if Nashville did through contact tracing or the best data? If they were on Ly ableto link a very small number of covert 19 cases in the city to restaurants and bars, and they withheld that information. I think that's damaging. I think that's That's not the sunlight that that we deserve, or that the people of Tennessee or more specifically Nashville and surrounding areas, they deserve to see this data. The figure. Yes, is a quote from from an email. The figure you gave me of Mohr than 80 does lead to a natural question. If there have been over 20,000 positive cases of covert 19 in Davidson, Tennessee, and only 80 or so a trace to restaurants and bars, Doesn't that mean Restaurants and bars aren't a very big problem. That's AH, according to Uh, Tennessee Lookout reporter Nate Rao, who asked the question, according to Fox in Nashville. Then Brian Todd, who's a Nashville Health department official. Asked five Health department officials. Please advise how you recommend. I respond. One of the officials whose name was cut off replied My two cents. We have certainly refused to give counts per bar because those numbers are low per site. And then the response goes on. We could still release the total, though, and then a response to the over 80 would be because that number is increasing all the time, and we don't want to say a specific number. What happened after the pandemic became prolific back in March, the area restaurants around Nashville in Nashville and around the city's restaurants. They then closed up except for takeout orders and have their Capacity is limited. So they were restricted to take out orders and restricted capacities indoors. Then they were allowed to reopen with a maximum of 25 customers, and that happened back in late August. And now eateries in Nashville there now allowed to operate it 50% capacity. Now the National Metro Council member by the name of Steve Glover. He then accused the mayor in Nashville, the Cooper administration of a cover up. He said he told Fox in National W. Z TV there that they're fabricating information. They blown their entire credibility. It's gone. I don't trust the thing they say going forward. Now the spokesman for Mayor Cooper in Nashville. His name is Chris Song Ice. He's doing a little song and dance here. He responded to the cover of allegations and he said yesterday. That the news report was published with limited information and without context. That's according to the ABC Channel in Nashville, which is W. K. R N According to W. K. R M. They're saying that the e mails from the same thread emphasized the need to publicly release as much of the covert 19 data as possible, and those words were left out of the Fox W Z TV report. The mayor's office and the Metro Public Health Department remain committed as always, to providing timely and transparent information that helps inform our local media..

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