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Small business for personal tax issues. Or if you just want a good C P A. He's my CEPA, and he's incredible. He is a blessing 800 to 8 his number by the ways 214 214. Don't call my number over here. You won't. I'm not gonna help you texted you on my health, but his numbers to 14 to 148 to 14 to 14 to 148 to 1 for Oh, good. Iris prop dot com Iris pierrot be dot com. So let me take Mark's Cole and then I'm going to play the audio of Thie. Off the current Michigan, A Flint, Michigan City Council member who's black, Lifelong Democrat who is that for the first time is voting for a Republican and that's trump and you have to hear what he says. It's so good that I pulled Several pieces of audio from it. It's powerful. It's beautiful, and it's wonderful. We'll get to that coming up in just a moment. But first, let's go to mark in Flower Mound who's called in Hunter actively under FBI investigation That's revealed tonight and second of all, Michigan is the alarm bells are being sounded off by congresswoman Democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Michael Moore. And to follow Guardo poll says 3% up in Michigan. I think we're going to win. I think we're not gonna have a Y two k. I think we're everything melts and we have problems. I think we're going to win by Better margin than last time. Not a lance like maybe, but I don't think so at all. I just think we're going to win by Biden went to Minnesota today. That was not on the docket. He went there because he's like Holy crap. It's too close. Always the way but I went there today. Okay, so Yeah, nobody points. He's going there. He's going there. So He was supposed to go there. He's going there because right roll RRR Astro. Remember all we need to win. He is either Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Any wins assuming hold the other regular Republican states. If you wins Minnesota, then it's like then it's going to be more of a landslide. I don't necessarily think it's going to Mondale, um, where he wins his own home statements it but by the way, remember Al Gore lost his home state? I love that. You got. I'm from lax tight. My daddy was offender of the air. I'm in a hell for male. Yes, By the way, I heard the great one earlier. These people really do hate us. I mean, they really do hate us. And I think that the country with the whatever I'm guesstimating, 30 or 40% of the country, still not voting it. By the way, you don't vote if you're on the side If you don't vote early, if you're undecided, understand that That's there's no question. It's unequivocal. So don't worry. I'm telling you the truth. Don't worry. There's 10% undecided. Not too not the 5 to 7%. They are not going to want to go with Joe Biden with the whiff of the investigation with Hunter and him and 33% 33.1% GDP in the lowest applications for jobless in seven months and didn't come home. I got this. I got to say this because this is like this is it? This is the one thing that stuck in my head that you've gotta hear, Biden says. We're going to build back better, right Bill back. How you gonna build back better after there's no higher record in the history of this country and 33.1% growth. What do you do, Joe? Gonna make 50% GDP growth 7500% GDP. Oh, how come on. Build back better. You don't know how you've had 47. But you understand you understand You can't get higher than 33.1. It's never been done. It just happened. And he's going. I'm going to do it the better. No, It's if the poor guy the poor guy. The poor guy. So I think he's we're having we're in a real problem for this poor guy. And I think we are gonna win 802 a day We had two lines open 800 to 8 AP 800 to 889227 Mark in flower Mound You're on w B A P high marks. Hey, Chris. How to go on that answer a list for years Band. You're entertaining will listen to you. Thank you. Hey, The question I have is last election back in 2016 with Clinton and Trump. It seems the polls shut down around midnight, one o'clock and never figure out why My brother lives in Michigan. And that's what I was watching to see What is bitch again. Gonna report their final numbers, and they never seem to until the next day. Did we ever find out what happened there? I don't know to just be direct with you. But I will tell you this. I think the key is here's why, I think we're not gonna have the problems with Pennsylvania or Michigan. Because I think the the percentage of the vote count is going to be so high. You know, you and I are sitting here and I guarantee you, you and I both have no idea how this happens. I guarantee because I'm not gonna pretend we're sitting here like 1% of the vote counting and then I'll suddenly they check it off is one right. What the heck? How did they? How did they know went from one or 2% toe like that way a win? Well, there's obviously some kind of a mathematical equation, right? I don't know what it is. Based on the numbers, right, Like like, okay, there's no way numerically that you can win. Right? So I think that's gonna happen at a certain point, and it might be very late in the night. But I think a ce far as you know, 10 11. I don't know what but I think it's going to be too high. And I think, knowing the math on the electoral college, I don't know it intimately, obviously, but knowing the math on the Electoral college and then if he just wins Pennsylvania Or if he just wins Michigan and holds the other normal states. And, you know, I mean, the only ones one of the three in the Rust belt are in the Midwest. Then it's over on DH, so you could see it earlier than you know, Midnight. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I think it's I think we're gonna have a winner. The night of may be a 12. Maybe it one, maybe two. But I think we're going to have a winner and I think it's going to be because he wins not by 40,000 votes in Pennsylvania or 44,000. But he wins by maybe 250,000. And you know they're putting the ballots air coming in from male from the idiots who respect because Senate passed the deadline there, actually putting in a separate pile. So the thing if number one, if which is smart, because if the court Get involved, You know, then they have a separate pile of knowing what's what in number two. If the numbers add up where there's no way those that pile extent can over extended then that you won't have to worry about going into overtime with the votes that arrived after the deadline that they arguing about, you know that the courts ruled that Khun stay in saying I know you're right, man. I don't know. Why is it that he's bailing balance going later date? They could return them by if they had all this time of early voting. Why is that? Mercer. That's it. You know why? I don't know. You know why the Supreme Court stood down. They stood down because it's too close. They don't want to mess with anything went to this close the rule afterwards. And who knows? Maybe a little throw out the ones afterwards. I don't know, but they just don't want to meddle with anything, no matter what, when there's six days left. And so the Democrats pulled a fast one late enough on DH. I'm sure I'll freak out if it doesn't go the way I'm telling you, but nonetheless I'm okay..

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