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When he was a young child so he would never accented right while he he he also knew nothing about baseball and or football given that. He. Likes the giants and the Padres of California. He likes the giant giant yes. He was wearing a San Francisco giants had in New York Giants, Oh i. Got It was wearing a giant. Know much better. He loves she loves to giants. Not. Around the horde podcast by. A wardrobe person really. The wardrobe person was Frank Dukes. So. Jackson who's not Jackson, his podcast. made a comment that that. Frank Dukes had to be careful not to be not to go sterile essentially from all of those splits. Actual problem maybe I don't think so no. I think he needs to be careful not to go sterile from all those steroids that he's taken he's. Still, make being limber is not a bad thing. You should know every single day I I don't think the limber part is, let's go to make them sterile but if it's like a sudden drop in the accidentally squashes testicles over and over again unlikely that a lot of swishing that's a lot of. You have to remember he goes at such high velocity when he drops down. It dropped quick I. think it's it's more of a problem for the people he's punching in the junk than it is for him. There's a lot of the the drop. Okay. Those to bury key attacks in this movie it's Crotch punches and head clubbing. And Yeah and I think it's key 'cause like the first fight it's at said best buy Ray Jackson when the guys bleeding from his mouth. That's why they call it blood or Kid. I watching this with my friends and the funniest comment that was made was I don't think Jackson is taking bloodsport serious. It made me very happy. and you're by that, he means blood sport. By that, you're referring to raise taxes and not. Not Not. Because I take, this will be very seriously. Blood Sport which had enough blood God. Was Real blood really I like I. Think. So I know that one of the guys actually got knocked out by John Claude van Damme during the fight mets the shot used I believe that that I think that's the movie rule of somebody gets hurt you're supposed to use the take. A generally, if somebody gets hurt, it looks a lot less realistic. I wrote down the breakdown of each of the three main characters fights. So like Ray Jackson's for spike cubs. The Guy Ahead that guy believes out of his nose I think he's done Chong lease frostbite not blow choke guy. Wave. Club to the head kills Guy Break Dukes just consciously guy waves his hand him and then he passes out I was Easter I was never sure when Chunlai was killing. Yeah..

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