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On the 4's currently the first avenue south bridge disclosed a vehicle traffic bora marine crossing give that just a few more minutes and in tacoma pond the northbound highway 167 ramp from i5 we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane state patrol is on the scene there you're next report at twelve fifty four i'm jay phillips on komo news good morning everybody will start today off on a rather chilly note on the 20s for an awful lot of folks her watch out for the roads still going to be kind of slick here and we also have concerns about air stagnation it's not real good on that counts of we'll be watching that closely as the day proceeds so when will this change right away but i think the first part of next week we see some signs of change we'll keep you posted and the komo weather center i'm steve pool a writer director yunan komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven reporting the news understanding than three women who have accused president drop of sexual misconduct are now calling for congress to investigate the president denies all the accusations they say no one cared the first time said three women itqs president trump of sexual misconduct went public once again hoping this time congress will investigate rachel crooks was at trump tower receptionist when she says twelve years ago she introduced herself to the billionaire businessman and he began kissing her mr kemp repeatedly kissed cheeks and ultimately my lips in an encounter that has since impacted my life well beyond the initial occurrence jessica lead says she was on a first class flight to new york back in the 1980s when he groped her when he put his started put his hand up my skirt and and that was the last time i wore skirt travelling and samantha hold these says donald trump inappropriately inspected miss usa contestants before two thousand in six pageant these dreams never included a man coming.

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