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So I could not do that matchup. Thank god. You're not you don't sit there going like, I don't know rats. You know, what I mean, you know, you don't go cage of death. I hope I rotate back there because that's the one thing in my career that I didn't get to do. Yeah. And as as I was in a brace at home watching cage of death. It was manse Warner versus Ricky Shayne page. I was sipping on wine just smile in year to year because I was not involved, but I got to enjoy it. And I can assure you the matchup that manse Warner and Ricky Shayne page at at cage of death was unsure fans. Would appreciate that. When more than what they would have got for me because what you would have got from me was calculated intelligent decisions. If somebody was running at me with barbed wire. I would move out of the way, right? If somebody set up glass in a corner, I would kick it and break it if somebody's breaking it with your. What an idiot. To the top of the cage and tried to jump on me. What would what would I do Sam row at the way? Yes, you're you're much smarter than you look out of the way. So I just thought this strategy of just somebody sets up the glass, you just break. I never understood stand up kick the glass stop. It's just stop it out. Right now what idiot, right and makes way more sense. But I digress. Falling through it. No. At least you go in with strategy at least you're going strategy. So when. Do you have any twenty nine thousand nine goals? Do you sit there and go? Well, we look at the landscape, and I would say ring Avante her is in a space, where they're rebuilding in the sense that you know, the elite in the boat club or are not going to be there anymore. You're looking at impact wrestling, that's completely rebranding themselves. And I think still in that process of figuring out who and what they are in. I think a good way. Sure, obviously all elite wrestling bus onto the scene this week. And then there's always, oh, I don't know annex t in WWE sure doing what they do pretty well still heard of him. So here's my thing. I feel like the prettiest girl the ball. Right. You also have have a unique opportunity. Right. I it feels to me like now more so than ever it's up to me. Even though there's not like the big WWE or WCW bubble, blah. Smaller organizations are signing people to exclusive deals whether it's fully. The exclusive or just exclusive in the states, or whatever it is. There's a lot more exclusivity going on in promotions. And never before which isn't necessarily a good thing in the sense that you right now get to go and wrestle all over the place right here and get better every time and maybe being locked down to a single organization wouldn't be the best thing to do at twenty two. Right. You have no idea what I'm going to do. But as I said every day, I feel like the prettiest girl the ball as as I ascend into the early stages of two thousand nineteen all of these companies are very much so interested in certain people, I see, and I'm never going to as I said, I'm a man who works who walks around like a ninja silently until a deal is done and United States. I'll be screaming at the rooftop. But I'm not saying anything, right? So if I asked you sure, do you know, whether or not you're even on WWE's radar. You wouldn't tell me, I don't know. I have no idea. Right. I have no idea if I'm on impacts rate. I have no idea from unreal honors radar. Right. I have no idea. And that's the thing is you guys get to have the blast in the fun of all time of watching a prodigy in two thousand nineteen which he going what's he doing? Where's he going to do next? What is he going to do next? It's exciting time. It is an exciting time. It's very exciting. And I'm not the only guy that's in the in the position that I'm in. There are plenty. There are plenty of other. Look, I'm not going to say there's anybody that is talented Zion. But there are other guys on the independent level right now that are in a very similar position who is your favorite opponent to you have had the pleasure of sharing the squared circle..

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